Wednesday, December 23, 2009


bec in uni after ard 10 days break at home.
suppose to have 1 n 1/2 months hols. but volunteered (somewhat had to) for uni xtvt.
however, met a lot of officers n made a lot of frens, learnt alot of lessons, n shook hands v UM's pro-chancellor, Raja Nazrin Shah! how cool is dat!!
my break was not rili a break, considering i stil feel lethargic now...
anyway, i knocked down 2 animals while driving down to kl...
felt so bad. a cock n a snake (dad said a king cobra) if u'd like to specify them.
my carelessness n lack of skills n common sense i guess. =`[

thr r quite a few "unluckiness" during my short break if i think it through.
firstly, my laptop got struck by lightning. burnt my motherboard, but thank god my data are stil intact. cost dad alot to get me a new one. *thanks papa*
2ndly, my car needed service badly which i found out d day b4 i travelled.
needed new battery. which again, cost my dad a lot of money.
then not even halfway down to kl, i knocked into 2 innocent animals... =(

still.. hopefully all goes well after this.

Monday, November 9, 2009

lost soul (cont)

soul slowly returning to me~
livelier now, but yet stressful!
wonder if my forehead had gain a few extra wrinkles...
wonder if gray hair popped up on my head...
wonder if my cells are dying faster during this killer period...
seriously wondering if thr is a shangri-la or paradise i can run to!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

lost soul...

it is the time again...
i do not know if other people experience the same thing as me, but i have a weird cycle whereby after some time, out of nowhere, i have an urge to be alone... time out from everything, to hide only in my own world, my sanctuary, my comfort zone.
i won't feel like talking, won't even feel like i lost my soul...
fortunately for me, i don't hear weird voices in my head nor turn into another person while in the same body.
i found a way out... through music... in groups of voices...the sounds of sync...
they are like voices of angels, soothing and calming, unable to take away any problems of mine, but yet able to take me away from my problems for the instant i am in their world. so far, yet so near... so humble yet so splendid...
never thought another person's voice can do so much for me, i don't think the person knows either! =)
always keep the faith...
*hopefully i get my soul back again*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Have the world always been so harsh?
there are things i still can't grasp.
Buddha's teaching mentioned for us to be mindful.
I am not mindful..enough...
Are there things i have done wrong?
Is it time for Kharmma to get back on me?
If it is so, it has chosen the right way to do it.
I hurt more by taking away things precious to me than hurt myself.
To torture me emotionally and mentally is a more ruthless way to make me suffer.
Always in samsara, as long as i am in the Cycle.
I need time on my own...
Always feel like running away, although knowing it will never help.
Just a lil time for myself to clear my mind.
Just a lil time to reflect on my actions.
Just a lil time to think on the proper solution to deal with things.
Just a lil time...
Is that too much to ask?

Friday, October 16, 2009

distance... does it really matter?

friends, i do have friends...
family, of course i have a family!
soulmate?? hmm...
however, whether you have family or friends, having the person near or far doesn't matter. it's the thoughts, sincerity, care and love that counts.
you can be miles away, yet you feel the warmth of them missing you.
you can be so near, yet care nothing about each other...
there are invisible ties that connects 2 hearts and 2 souls.
distance is never a problem. never was, never will...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a long time since...

been a long time since i flipped... can't remember when was the last time.
i am not a scream-at-u-when-i-pissed-off type of person(i think), but there are times when things need to be let out.
unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, i didn't do that.
mom said just think of it as my own kharmma... yes, that could be it.
but my kharmma affected ppl around me too! how does that happen?
anyway, i need to let it out someday, going on this way, might end up dying early...
I seriously don't want that. there are still too many things i haven't experienced!!
thus, i need to let it out, someway, somehow... blogging bout it isn't helping much.
oh, what am i mad about?? tons of things, suddenly crashing down on me like there's no tomorrow...
by midnight, it all ended quietly...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

22 sept 09

2days has past since hari raya! so wishing all muslims happy raya aidilfitri!
selamat menyambut syawal!
it's been a while... thr is much to blog about, but i dunno whr to begin.
thr's d AWESOME pangkor trip! thx to louise and her great committee! thx to all who attended n made it so memorable for me as well!
Crazily fun karae-oke night!
first time started singing k at 11pm til 4am, then went str for breakfast!!
stories on my sis in japan, sis in kt,
my coursemate's birthday party...(happy belated birthday, shob!)
anyway, they were all awesomely fantastically wonderful!!
all these made me feel how worthied it is to be alive, to be where i am today.
i might have gone to another state to study, might have stayed bec in kt...
might have made another bunch of friends, might have kept quiet n be in my own room or world,
thr r many mights n mays, but i ended up in UM, ended up meeting this bunch of cuckoos(meant it in a nice way, of cos!)
lucky me!
ups n downs of cos thr will be, but y shud i bore myself v d dark n dingy when thr is always d bright n colourful to be cherished?! rite?

Juin, stop blabbing nonsense... getting emotional now.. sorry!
i hope to gather pictures n upload it here later. wait for it!

now, wishes:
To Lucia mi amiga, 2209!
Feliz compleanos!! te echo de menos!!! XOxo <3
To all frens and also my papa, all born in september, Happy Birthday!!!
To er jie:
cherish the moments!
to lil sis, shern:
ganbatte ne! after exam come down kl gai gai la! hehe...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

at last a lil time for my own...

d week after my sem break was super hectic, assignments n tests...
d week after, things improved.. now things are so much better.
of cos there are always work to do... yet i feel more at peace now.

yesterday, college had a blackout. pre-known blackout. started at 9am til 7.30pm.
so, i left.. left college to the library with my friends... attracted to the energy source: electricity
then, few of us went out for a feeding frenzy. had a said-to-be-famous porridge, then hokkien mee, then taufufa+soy bean drink, sau bao, nearly went for bakuteh if it wasn't for our limits... $$ limits...

nvr blogged bout dis yet.. but our room had a RAT!!
quite a huge one too! yesterday while i was out, my roommates managed to bait it out n caught it in a trap... yippee!!
but sad for d furry fren of ours, it didn't end well for him/her.
anyway, another bad news arise. there is another smaller rat in our room! DANG!!
but at least it is a lil peaceful now, no more sleepless o sleeping in fear nights worrying the rat might pop up on our bed o smt...

congrats er jie (micky-senpai now) for her success in climbing mt fuji!!! (although ntg to brag much about...hehe)
congrats to my cousin uncle for his soon to come wedding!
n happy belated birthday to my aunt as well!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

rebooting failed!

my aug sem break is comin to an end.
i am stil in time-out mood.
rebooting of my mood failed big time!
brain lag...
mood hang...
assignments...restoring items from recycle bin: -loading......1%-
homesick again!!

*just wrote all dis to update my blog*0.o

Saturday, August 8, 2009

bla bla bla...

only one week left! one week left to my flight back home!
one week left to returning bec to my cosy sweet home!
with all the deaths surrounding me... i'm stil happy...
dat's not rili good!
H1N1 is causing lots of deaths in malaysia.
til now, nearly 20 ppl have died!! it's an epidemic!!
however, after so many closure of high schools and higher-learning institution, UM is still holding on! sounds strong!
mayb cos of d precautionsUM took when the new sem started.
mostly everyone were quarantied for a week b4 a clearing was given.
wat is d world comin to?

there's a joke i read:
some ppl said that if a black guy became president, pigs will fly.
100days later: swine flu!
*it's just a joke!*

have been sleeping for hours today! suppose to go out to get a new pair of sandals.
mine now turn fr a normal pair of sandals to d infamous "CROCS"!!
*snap snap* it can open n close it's "front jaw"
pity i can't upload a pic of it.
hopefully i can change my hp soon! been hoping for it since forever!!
d batt is causing me some probs now... no indication of low batt, then when i'm speaking halfway on d phone:
"hello... helllooo??" - actually d hp died... n conversation cut!
super frustrating esp when it was an urgent conversation goin on!

btw, tried my first call to japan, to my sis's mobile today at 8.50am!
SUCCESS!! xpensive though! but a breakthrough nevertheless!
my 1st overseas call!
means i can try more next time... just nd to get d right number!
*i sure tried a hell lotta numbers just to get tru to u o, er jie!*
end here...
spent the last minute reading nonsense? dun blame me!
i'm just extracting memories into my pensieve...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

will i??

more bumps on the road now... tougher road to walk on...
seem misty as well... hard to see clearly...
heavier load to carry... more burden to bear...
path is still long... no time to smell the roses...
but still...i...
with this situation, will i ever reach my destination??
or should i say, will i reach there..alive??
is there someone who'll guide me?
is there a person who'll remind me??
is there noone who can help me??
or am i too absorbed in my own world, too busy feeling sorry for myself,
that i didn't notice the roses blooming around me...
that i couldn't see all the hands reaching out to me...
that i never really appreciate how blue the sky is...
that i missed out on all the smiles and laughs inviting me to join them...
i hardly ever feel this way, but the way this is going,
my own flaws and faults will drag me down halfway through my journey...
is Time really flying pass me? or is it just me who is not flying with It??
who can answer all these for me???
i guess... only me...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hmm...??? 0.o

had a creepy experience just now...
on the way back to college with 5 other friends of mine..
walking 2 by 2... my friend n i were last.
guess what?
my friend and i both at the back of the pack, heard a low growling voice or sound or noise or whatever-it-is. it was near n audible enough. not a whisper or so.
first reaction of mine, turn around in defence... i thought it was a bad guy right behind us.
my friend turned too, thinking it was a dog, growling right before it's gonna attack.
guess what again? there was noone there!
instinct? RUN!!
we ran, to the front of the group. As we ran pass our friend at d front, she heard it too! when we were running pass her.
then she asked us whether we heard it or not, cos our running was obviously suspicious, of course...
we sure d#$% heard it!
but then that's all la...
i'm wondering what made that sound... baffles me!
d sound sure gave me a good scare! but it was quite an interestingly mind-boggling experience.

strong and independent! my type of gurlz!

showing a strong side in girls. just how i like it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

been back in college for a week now.
things aren't running very smoothly.
i'm now in a room v 6 occupants including myself.
i'm not complaining, cos thr r worse cases than mine.
btw, dis room cramming thing is gonna last for at least 2 months!!
who'll start cracking soon? who'll survive? who'll turn up to be our hero? can't rili tell...

for me now, life in uni is starting to stabilize. however, v dis condition, things x be running well for too long!
however, let's stick to d +ve side!
i had fun goin out v my coursemates, abc-ing v my frens...
things aren't goin too bad...yet...
hope d not-too-bad stuff lasts!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am just human...

i'll be goin bec college tomorrow.
2months holiday seem like nothing. is it just me or did i just teleported my self 2 months ahead n ended my hols just like dat? Dang! i wished i had fully used my hols for good, but too late to regret now!
had a lovely "last" gathering on 2nd july v frens bec at home... dunno when v'll ever gather n enjoy ourselves like dat again.
reminiscence is of no use... no matter how hard i wanna turn bec time...
i guess it's time to move on.

already start missing home...
my family, my friends, my bed, my internet access, my car, everything!!!
i guess they're gonna miss me too...

loads of love n thx to my friends for d lovely gifts!
Also, happy birthday to my roommate, kharkhee!(5th July)

My attachment to all that i cherish causes me great pain. That is what keeps me in d wheel of life...Makes me human...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

in between 1s n 2nd

to pen after a long break, break = long hol after a year in uni @ long break from blogging.
many things can happen in a second, many things can not happen in a long time... if u get wat i mean.
things that do happen r interesting to be pen down, if u r creative enough.
in between 1s n 2nd year of undergraduate studies, things do happen. difference is whether is i'm liking it or not. that's all.

so... flashbacks:
did a kuanman trip(kuantan-kemaman) Baby Milo gengie in Kemaman
Attack of the cake-famine...Poor cake, didn't stand a chance against those monstrous digging from the spoons. (celebrated birthday for a whole year in a go, blew candles for june-rs, n then re-lighted d candles n did another celebration for d sept-ers n nov-ers, how cool is dat??!! XD)

farewell party for our lovely wini...d ultimate imitator!! gonna miss u girl!
hey! dun judge me for not having family pics... i did spent quality time with my family...
v travelled 2 states n bec in 3days 2 nights! did a mouthwatering steamboat...spent plain family time in front of d idiot-box.
soon... it'll be time to leave home again! T-T
i've already grown into an amazon here... roots n all. lazing ard for 2 whole month fertilized my roots at home... plus quite a field of mushrooms as well!
of course laptop-ing can't be missed out! laptop-ing = include all usage of d laptop; watching movies n dramas, listening to music, internet-surfing, youtube-ing, etc...
k, shout out to a few ppl while i'm here:
- wern, nothing better to wish u, cos u have everything thr already! *envy*
- congrats to my aunt for getting into UM, 7th col.
- happy father's day to my papa!
- thx mom for d BIG BANG Global Warning Tour DVD!
- thx grandma for all d things she did at home. ^-^
- happy birthday to my june-rs: feng n abi aw! XD

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

when i found my perfect hairstyle...My dreadlocks - GONE!

life's been swell at home...
of course it comes with a price: full time chauffeur, nd to run errands n do chores at home.
other than that, i sleep, eat, watch tv, go online, watch dramas n movies on my laptop, go for drinks n dinners with my buddies, catch up with news n gossips... XD
anything new bout me?? i got a haircut!
my locks...gone in like 15min.
some misunderstanding happened, n d hairdresser misinterpreted my request...
she got a little carried away while holding d scissors, i was a little silly to just have sat thr n say nothing... n result: DISASTER!!
anyway, i knew nothing comes out of screaming at her or myself or trying to glue back my hair.
so, d only way to save everyone n myself from a u-might-turn-into-stone-medusa-kinda-looking-hideous hairstyle is to WAIT!
anyhow, with a few combs here n thr, i manage to rearrange my hair into something more pleasing-looking. =)
gotta hide myself at home for a couple of weeks b4 i could go for meet-ups...XD

2nd sis is kinda in a "escape-from-flu" movie situation now...
glad she's a survivor thr! U GO GIRL!!
lil sis might be performing in skul.. but cos of d uncertain dates, i might not get to watch!! T-T
IT"S MIROTIC!! COM'ON! i wanna watch n go crazy dat nite! pls adjust d dates for me!! XD
dream on...

dat's al for now... Juin, reporting from KayTee.
Thx for reading...

Thursday, April 30, 2009


finals is over for sem 2, 2008/2009 session.
i thought it would be exhilarating, hmm.. guess not!
ruined by the fact that i did horribly for my maths paper.
what is it with me n maths??!!
i tried so hard to get the figures n formulas in my head, yet, i stil can't apply once the question takes a twist.
sorry to disappoint whoever that expects anything from me...

anyway, life goes on, it's just one paper, i tried doin better in others, but we'll see how it ends.
should've been shopping 2day itself as a celebration of finishing our finals,
but alas, preparation for the battle 2day really drained us...
So i guess my wish of changing a new hp is washed down d drain.
i'l just have to think of other plans to get my now-in-dreamy-blurry-picture-stil-not fulfilled-wish hp... >.<

just an update...i think this blog is dull too...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


what i wanna mention has been mentioned by my friends.
bout college resident list. so, skip that. my anguish is similar towhat they wrote.
talk bout my my finals then... hmm.. boring...
surely u'll b reading bout how i flunk some papers, some papers are ok... bla bla...
so skip that as well.
oh, what bout telling u i have only 3 more papers left n that i'm going back to my cosy lil hometown on d 4th of May by flight with my beloved mommy...
yay! soon... i'll b able to drive my cutie lil kancil car, go around yam cha-ing with my old gangie,
watch astro at home, watch movies n dramas collected since beginning of this sem, go online,
plan n implement the long-awaited gangie trip, go to d beach!(stuck in kl for quite some time i'm starting to miss d beach), eat all d homecook food, hometown delicacies...yum yum!!
i guess u x feel what i feel.. d eager feeling of doin al d stuff above...
but since i already wrote that n u already read it, no point saying skip it now!

blogging just for d sake of updating my pensieve. =P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I know... but i can't help it...

i know, final is just around d corner...
i know, thr's less than a week's time
i know, i haven't started revising...
i realize, i am stil goin out from room for everything other than studies.
i also realize, even in my room, i am not studying...
anyway, just for d sake of blogging,
a tor-tune which keeps spinning in my head, not for real torturing,
but a catchy song i fell for at 1s hearing! XD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

flunking my english..

shoooooot! my english is getting worse by the day!!
wat is goin on??!!! i was torn between 2 similar yet so different answers in cloze passage exercises(which rarely happens to me), and torn many times dat is!
hey, my english test or mock test or even exercise usually scores quite high. mayb only 1, 2 or 3 wrong answers. but... i failed myself!
now reading other bloggers writing makes me feel so small n useless d!
even my sisters friends can write better than me!
that is so heart smashing!
got commented on making up english words and phrases in class as well... DOWN!
if mom sees dis, i am sooooo dead! XD

Sunday, April 5, 2009

teddies don't hug back... T-T

Teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got!!

heartbroken, mind went blank went i heard d news, shocked!! how could... i... he...
MIZUSHIMA HIRO is married!!! T-T

omedeto anyway to him and his wife, ayaka-san.
although i already realized the fact. hey, he's just my idol!
still... it breaks me! why?? doshite??
here, i wanna promote a j-drama: Meichan no Shitsuji

may their marriage lasts and may they be blessed and blissful!!!
pray for ayaka-san health as well.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

that's wat friends r for!

hmm... boring essay bout how a fren in need is a fren indeed??
oh, my fren saved me at d nick of time?
how a fren covered my back one way o other??

frens u x nd are frens too!! XD
interesting quote? yup! dat's d truth.
hey, anyone who "terasa", dun misunderstand!
i mean it in a good way of course!!
if u r d guai guai, i-muz-study-for-future type of ppl,
then these r frens u dun rili nd, but yet, without them, u'll b missing a point in life.
So, nd or dun nd them?? hmmm.... @_@

For me, i totally need them!!
my emotional n psycological support.
my essentials!! XD
they distract me when i feel like swapping lives with someone else,
show me dat i am who i shud b, n dat thr's no nd to be anyone else.
DANG!!! this blog is boring me...

i'l continue a new story then!! D life i wan to swap my own with:
guess wat her host dad rented for her??
WHOLE SET OF DBSK ALBUMS!!!! including d latest: SECRET CODE
other than that, she went to universal studio japan,
went on rides with spiderman saving her, ET next to her, saw peter pan flying n such.
She's stil on earth... x worry.
Just exchanged to Japan!!!!! Ish!! Y am i not her?

Shern, i guess u n me can only imagine d taste of japan tru er jie's pics which she emails to us.

But still, there r memories of mine that she can't enjoy! =)
we r different yet similar... wuuuhh, dat's deep!! =D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

C u in a yr!!! (Green with envy...)

Sis just left for Japan last night!! Youngest sis cried like rain!! I was quite surprised i wasn't tearful when she left, she's goin for a whole year by the way!!
Anyhow, i made a slideshow for her b4 she left. work til 6.30am! Zzzzz...
Last minute effort... =) Shern's idea.
I know i'm gonna miss her loads, but i guess d fact that she left haven't sank in yet. Or mayb it's because i've been away from home for quite some time, so all dis goodbyes n missing-u emotional stuff doesn't get to me anymore.
~Forever SisterS~

Lucky girl Wern!!! =)

Gonna miss u loads!!

Pls remember send emails back. (attached with pix o!!)

Wern, if u see this, pls remember faster learn up ur japanese language, then teach me! haha... but 1s, learn how to use their keyboard n com stuff so dat it'l be easier to email n such...
Dun go gaga if u see Ikuta Toma or TVXQ or Big Bang or any celebrities ya! Keep ur composure, n pleasantly...ASK FOR THEIR AUTOGRAPHS n TAKE PIC WIF THEM!!! XD
Perhaps i'll send to u my list of celebrities i wan autographs from as a reminder..Hehe.. =P
Wishes: Just enjoy urself. 1 yr is long but short(if u get wat i mean), so cherish ur every moment thr, with family n friends, bask in every season, savour every flavor japan can offer, dance ard during festivals, but also dun forget to concentrate on ur aim n objectives of being thr as an AFSer o!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

As i promised

PTH IVcommittee. Woke up at 6.30am to take this pic. @_@

Last posing after PTH night... Everyone did great!! =)
Fantastic dancers!! Enjoyed every moment dancing with all of you...^,^

PTH Deco Unit, leader: Guek Shu Wen(sitting 2nd fr left),with Pengarah Projek(sitting 3rd fr left), our TP2(sitting far right)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's finally over...

Pesta Tiong Hua IV!!! It's finally over.
All d blood n sweat, literally, out in is just for that few hours of show.
But it was a sweet success!!!
There are of course glitches here n there, but then without it, where can experience come from?!
Anyway, I wanna congratulate everyone for all their hardwork and dedication,
thank everyone for the fantastic experience and wonderful memories they gave me,
wanna also thank Life for letting so many new friendship blossom. =)

It rained though, heavily!! But once our performances started, magically it stopped!!
Then it was all but silence... I heard shouts for an encore performance for our flow-of-centuries singers, I heard applause and hollering(especially from the AJKs), I heard scream of joy and saw tears flowing(mixed feelings i guess) after all was over. It was a touching scene to watch.

As I have mentioned before, I was quite depressed my friends and family can't watch the show.
Not because noone saw me, it's because they can't enjoy the whole performance and see how well we did(i myself thought we did great!!).
Personally, i'll grade PTH a 10.0!! 8 for the smooth flow of performaces the audience saw, minus 2.0 for what i know happening backstage, add another 8.0 for all the knowledge and know-hows i've learnt along the way. but since full marks is only 10.0 so i guess the extra 4.0 is for myself to know.

Sorry there's no pix til now in my blog. I'll upload pix on this soon!!!
Stil learning how to use this site, actually, never really explored it properly yet!
apologies from the humble me...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D-Day has come...

It's here...
PTH day is here.
We did a full dress rehearsal yesterday night, all seems to go quite smoothly.
We also did a stage-praying ceremony to hope for beautiful weather and that all will run smoothly.
I super-duper hope that it will end fantastically well.
Skipped class for the whole day, sorry mummy!
But because i did the class-skipping, so to make up for the naughty things i did, I'll perform my best tonight!
i so wish that my family can come watch me perform tonight.
also missed the times when my high school organize the Malam Bakat,
those times when my friends and I did the deco n enjoyed the night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Quote I Admire...

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

Fragments from "Auguries of Innocence"
~William Blake~

feeling that 24hrs a day is not enough...

MAK committee...

Transportation Unit I'm in. Leader: Joshua(sitting, centre)

Our unit with Pengarah Projek, Kak Ain(centre).
Pic taken after MAK phase 2 night.

Hectic!!! this few weeks have been chaotic for me.
There's tons of assignments, test queueing up one after another, plus, college xtvts is also all scheduled in this semester!!!
Now, classes are solely attended for attendance and sleep. How bad can i get??!!
I'm now til a stage where i even forgot that there's no class on a certain time and woke up to attend it. Fortunately, i didn't walk out of my college gate yet.
i'm also at d stage where work need to be handed in that day and i'm doing it the day b4 or that day itself.
Days are lived to one at a time, not foreseeing any oncoming schedule ahead of time, realizing things only at d nick of time. I'm lucky i'm not in any of my lecturer's black list yet.
my college's dinner, MAK, is finally over. Now, need to focus on Pesta Tiong Hua.
In deco unit by the way, feel sorry to my leader for not doing much.
Dancing as 1s performance on stage.
Seeing my friends getting thinner by the day cos of this PTH makes me hurt inside as well. However, it's good to see how close everyone became cos of al the working-together n stuff.
Gotta befriend a lot of ppl, during MAK also. hectic but it was a pleasant experience...

Surely i'll miss a lot of things after everything is over......

Now, need to get back to a super hectic week. 2assignments need to be handed in next week, 2 test tomorrow, presentation also next week, PTH on next Tue, not even a week of time to PTH d.
=( need to get back to work liao... T-T

Monday, February 9, 2009

my new love...

cont fr last blog... my sis is ok d.. scared myself... her eyes is healing. it's just viral infection.
life continues as usual.
now getting busy wif my college activities. college dinner especially.
oh, bout the title? dun misunderstand.
it's my new interest in another boyband.
TVXQ was my 1s, i guess... now..BIG BANG!!!!
i like Rain too...erm.. add in lee hyo ri as well...
ok, i am into korean n japanese music, n everything connected to the industry, including the acting part. so it's normal to see me stuck to my laptop, enjoying videos or music.
study is ok i guess... i'm quite enjoying my moments in university. however, i stil misses my times in f6.
now my latest dream to complete with my f6 frens is to reunite in our midyear, then break in our old f6 class, n take d same pic wif d same pose. but it will never b d same, as lucia won't b in d middle, posing...

i wonder how my frens r doin in their own uni??
hoping for hot news when v meet up again!!
i wonder if any of my idols will be comin up with a concert in kl dis year??
sure hope at least one do.. i haven't given up my first time a concert...
waaa... who will i giv it to? TVXQ? BIG BANG??
whoever it is, i sure hope i can enjoy my 1s concert to d max!!

now... nd to get back to my studies, ooppss.. haven't finish up my essay!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

widen my perspective in life...

life in uni has been quite interesting for me.

i did quite well in my exam. i mean from my point of view, my result was quite ok...

3.34, is that ok?? i'm satisfied... other opinion doesn't really matter.

There are projects here n thr. all these has made me seen many things i had been to innocent to realise.

Life before uni must have been quite pure n sweet for me, i guess.

Anyway, now i start seeing how damaging the internet can be.

it has ruined my impression on some ppl i know.

sometimes, some things are better left unexplored, however, like they say,

curiosity kills a cat. my curiosity on the other hand, killed the possiblilty of a friendship.

there are somethings ppl shouldn't lay their hands on. And one particular thing is the keyboard, when u'r angry! then press "send" or "post"!

enough bout that.. no more details..

now about wat's new with me.

my course is goin quite smoothly. timetables are all registerd nicely. just the fact that i stil can hardly go tru one class without dozing off.

Also, started a new book-chase : Twilight n the series.

haven't started addicting on dramas yet. but x worries.. i stil hav one whole semester.

Plus, i just wanna wish all the best n get well soon to my beloved sister, Wei Shern.

she's goin tru a tough time in the hospital being poked n shone by nurses n doctors. scanned n checked daily. she's havin an eye problem. now they'r stil diagnosing the cause.

So, pray for her n may she heal like nothing happened.

Hope my family's worries will be over soon