Friday, April 27, 2012

Teary-eyed... why?

A video was played, showing kids screaming excitedly when their group representative compete against each other. It was a game to see who can list out all the answers for multiplication-table 1 to 9 in the shortest time.
Ooooh, the way the kids shouted and cheered for their friends to write faster and win the game, indescribable.
So excited, so enthusiastic, so loud and yet learning so much!
I teared... a little...
My kids are learning to do the same listing now! In their fastest possible time!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A performer, I am not...

I thought I was incorporating values by trying to set a good example to them.
It seems I'm just being nice and a friend to them who seems to be a push-over.
Values did not seem to burn into their brains yet... Knowledge-wise... Also unsure...
They need an authoritative figure which I cannot seem to be, not all the time.
A teacher should be the world greatest performer, able to be versatile and act as various kind of characters.
No one actually gave me a proper script.. So what character should I be? And when?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Simple pleasures in life X

51. Burst of ideas
52. Watching romantic comedies (online or offline)
53. LOL-ed to entertainment show
54. Learning new applications and uses for normal softwares like Microsoft Words *surprised*
55. Lazing around whole day doing nothing but watching TV or surfing the net. =D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laws of attraction indeed!

Going to school feeling more positive.
Getting things done kinda according to plan, which, thank goodness, I have.
Aaaaand... A student messaged me and told me I'm in his top 5 list of favourite teachers!
Another teacher in school complimented me for my seem-to-be-adapting behaviour and attitude!
*basking in the proud moment*
**Power UP**

Start anew

Things have been crazy negative these few weeks.
The overall atmosphere wasn't good.
I have not been able to make it to house visits to my students' homes, choosing nap over my kids.
Never have I thought I can call their homes and have a chat over the phone too!
Will start doing that starting today. Might be able to meet some on the way to school or back perhaps.
Charts and others will come later, for now.
Do what I can, and try to think out of the box.
Will start anew for my kids. ^^

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Message from an experienced teacher

Well girl, I love my job. Believe in my ability. Received many awards throughout my teaching life.
Don't have too  high expectations of my students.
I don't believe passing exams and strings of A's as ultimate aim.
They are not statistics but human.
If they still fail, I say to myself I've done my best, the rest is their effort.
Some never learn anything so can't push.
Am not super teacher.
Just do my utmost best but if that is not enough, I can do no more.

P/S: I love you, mom! <3