Wednesday, October 10, 2012

撑, 不容易。

为了你们, 累了。
明知你们有实力, 却自己先放弃, 我更帮不了你们。
一个人要为那么多人撑, 不容易。

On a more positive note, half of my kids seem to be doing great going towards the finals.
I really hope they score!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

UM Convo 2012

Even more awesome than before, or perhaps I'm just missing UM and the people in it.
Flash mobs, cheers, graduates being thrown by juniors, bouquets, teddy bears....
Aaaah~ memories...

Congratulations to all who has graduated this year, including my sifu, Amos Aw(Masters) and KT friend, Chin Hai (Medical Imaging).

Reflection month

Now it is advised that I put more energy in next year's kids - the ones I haven't made mistakes with yet.

Wise indeed~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

L, is for the way I look at teaching~

Love and Like - Both begin with L but the journey to the end makes so much difference.


celebration at quarters

celebrated with cousin's family

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012


Thinking if this is for me.
Can't remember if I ever did before this, but this morning I came to the brink of breaking down while talking to my mom on the phone, while dressing up to go to school.
Stressed. After 9 months being a teacher.
When things pile up and pressure builds, staying strong underneath all these is hard.
With finals coming up, I really have to drill the fact that my kids are not statistics.
Treat them like human.
I am not the only one they have learned from.
Whether I made an impact or not, I can only try my best.
Even if I have not, I can only try to do better next time.
Can't go around feeling guilty about the past.

I do want the best for my kids, but they have to want it too.
I'm grateful that I do see positive change in some kids I taught.

Rejoice for them, Juin dear. You have done something by just hanging on.