Wednesday, December 23, 2009


bec in uni after ard 10 days break at home.
suppose to have 1 n 1/2 months hols. but volunteered (somewhat had to) for uni xtvt.
however, met a lot of officers n made a lot of frens, learnt alot of lessons, n shook hands v UM's pro-chancellor, Raja Nazrin Shah! how cool is dat!!
my break was not rili a break, considering i stil feel lethargic now...
anyway, i knocked down 2 animals while driving down to kl...
felt so bad. a cock n a snake (dad said a king cobra) if u'd like to specify them.
my carelessness n lack of skills n common sense i guess. =`[

thr r quite a few "unluckiness" during my short break if i think it through.
firstly, my laptop got struck by lightning. burnt my motherboard, but thank god my data are stil intact. cost dad alot to get me a new one. *thanks papa*
2ndly, my car needed service badly which i found out d day b4 i travelled.
needed new battery. which again, cost my dad a lot of money.
then not even halfway down to kl, i knocked into 2 innocent animals... =(

still.. hopefully all goes well after this.