Friday, August 19, 2011

My Bucket List

1. Enjoy the Rainforest Music Festival.
2. Own a Mini Cooper S.
3. Go to a concert.
4. Adopt an animal.
5. Take pic with at least 5 celebrities (local or international).
6. Adopt a child, no matter if it is through a non-profit organization or literally.
7. A boatride out to sea at night just to watch stars
8. Try ice-skating.
9. Travel to at least 10 different countries
10. Buy my own home.

Well, this list will grow...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gorgeous, the costumes too!!

2NE1- Ugly
Another awesome performance, never a letdown, these girls! ^^

I'm still very free, so I continued with this:

taking pictures of nice scenery, which is nicer in real view

grating coconuts for grandma

playing with d goggie, that's my sis

just being by the jetty

capturing the sun shimmering on the water

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 A way to eradicate hunger by playing games! SERIOUSLY!! ^^

My friend Hung Tong introduced me to this:
I played games (quizzes to be exact), and for every correct answer, the sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice.
Grains of rice may not count much now, but accumulated grains will be a bowl of rice.
Accumulated grains of rice worldwide will feed the poor.
I may not have the literal money to donate but this website allows me to contribute to eradicating hunger on earth.
I am doing my part already, are you?
Join Us!! The quizzes are super fun too!!

Fact: (thx to Willy Yee, my tuition teacher) ^^

Sunday, August 7, 2011

strings of events~ well.. i AM super free, so this is what I did

I harvested rambutans straight from the trees.  Dad weighted down the branch and I snipped the fruits right from their twigs!
I climbed a coconut tree which is 2 floors high (without ladder!!) and chopped down a branch of coconuts.
Opened coconuts for the coconut drink, which tasted super awesomely isotonic and sweet after sweating like a pig while harvesting the rambutans.
I drove my dad's Pajero on the way back from Kelantan (4WD doesn't feel much different from normal car but I never dared myself to drive it before)
Sold rambutans the next day cos we harvested seriously LOADS of them. You'll see from the pictures below.

nearly whole back boot of dad's car is filled with these hairy red fruits


selling near d junction to my house

RM3/kg, u want extra?? SURE! ^^

family business - taking selcas during business hour ^^

well~ selling is caring... we have a lot anyway~ LOL
Somehow, I kinda imagine us doing this if *touchwood* we became poor.
Well, the smiles on our faces means we can enjoy this now, we can enjoy this then, IF *touchwood* we need to.
Well, all in all, grandma enjoyed this the most and that's all that matters. =)

Unemployed and enjoying every moment of it.
Yours truly

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My love and always will be

Such heavenly voices. 

angels they are
Perfect live harmonization at 2:43

TVXQ - the best boy group ever!!
Their voices are distinctive in their own special ways and yet able to harmonize together into one.
Till now, none have been able to replace them or emulate what they did or achieved.
The above video is linked from youtube - a recorded-music-removed version of the performance.
Noone, seriously, can sing and dance so awesomely well like they do and they do it live!!!
It is a big plus that they are all very good-looking!!
Although they are split into 2 groups now, I am holding on to the faith that they will perform together as a group one day. Hopefully soon... I am waiting...

Always keep the faith.
Cassiopeia at heart