Monday, February 9, 2009

my new love...

cont fr last blog... my sis is ok d.. scared myself... her eyes is healing. it's just viral infection.
life continues as usual.
now getting busy wif my college activities. college dinner especially.
oh, bout the title? dun misunderstand.
it's my new interest in another boyband.
TVXQ was my 1s, i guess... now..BIG BANG!!!!
i like Rain too...erm.. add in lee hyo ri as well...
ok, i am into korean n japanese music, n everything connected to the industry, including the acting part. so it's normal to see me stuck to my laptop, enjoying videos or music.
study is ok i guess... i'm quite enjoying my moments in university. however, i stil misses my times in f6.
now my latest dream to complete with my f6 frens is to reunite in our midyear, then break in our old f6 class, n take d same pic wif d same pose. but it will never b d same, as lucia won't b in d middle, posing...

i wonder how my frens r doin in their own uni??
hoping for hot news when v meet up again!!
i wonder if any of my idols will be comin up with a concert in kl dis year??
sure hope at least one do.. i haven't given up my first time a concert...
waaa... who will i giv it to? TVXQ? BIG BANG??
whoever it is, i sure hope i can enjoy my 1s concert to d max!!

now... nd to get back to my studies, ooppss.. haven't finish up my essay!!!