Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My final week in school.

Opening a world of opportunities for them...

 It was my final week in SMKJ. Countdown-ing to the last day of school... This was a small project done with my PMR kids who had nothing much to do but loiter around. Might as well contribute a little knowledge and beauty to the school compound!

The Glitter Jar

A room of fun learning
The Glitter Jar is one of the little things I did in the Room of Creativity.  It was to be a room of fun learning, support and sharing. I hung photos of students, teachers and even fantastical scenery in school.  There is also a reading corner of books and magazines. Cultural corners and art corners are in here too!  Learning is not just in the classroom, you can learn by playing too! Like how poker cards help in Math. (FYI: Poker cards are deemed illegal in schools, to avoid gambling)

I'm not sure how much I have done for the kids and the school.  However, for me, it was an unforgettable 2 year journey and at the end of the road where the fork is, I chose to walk down another path parallel to it but never intersecting again.
Thank you for the memories...