Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well... All fun things will come to an end...

Going home tomorrow~
Christmas has been fun and new! Few pics to go with it:
snowing like crazy, n this is a crazily huge Christmas tree

Christmas tree in 28 Barnfield Drive

warm Christmas in winter... ^^

'lighted up' the Christmas atmosphere

In the Chichester Cathedral

Lovely painted glass in the cathedral

Christmas Tree in Chichester Town.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, yallz! Signing off, with love~

Saturday, December 25, 2010


寂寞的圣诞。 不明是你不醒目, 还是我放不开。。。

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i choose to believe...

I have faith in you.

I am Helios! no.. perhaps Ra! erm... Apollo?

My sis and I are currently in Chichester, West Sussex, UK.
And IT IS COLD!!! We brought sunshine though, it seems.
Unlike in Frankfurt, Germany, which snowed like noone's business, Chichester stopped snowing when we arrived.
Well, I'll walk you through the journey.
check out the snow shape frost on the plane window! this was when we were happily sitting for nearly 14 hours, mostly with daylight outside, towards Heathrow-London.
the display showing info on Heathrow, now showing Frankfurt!
Dreadful display (esp for sis) when we had to be diverted to Frankfurt, Germany due to airport closure in London.
Sis was happy to get an extra cop from another country to fill her passport, what she didn't expect was getting stuck there for more than 2 days!

"imprinting yourself however small you are"~ Juin. Might as well take it as a blessing in disguise and have a lil walk around

~snowdrops are falling in my hair~ It was snowing like crazy in Frankfurt. Was really awesome to see different snowflakes stuck to me gloves and me hair!

my sis and I in a mall with no shops open but xmas deco everywhere. We were walking to the Vinex Market(hope i spelt it right) or Christmas market (to be safe) and ended up in here due to boots with heels, d ones we were wearing when we got dumped out of the plane with no luggage.

my sis... In Chichester by now, this is in front of the town cathedral.
Chichester-Brighton-Chichester... with d lovebirds~ o.O (Sometimes, would rather walk alone...)

Well, it is sunny now, but daylight is only bout 9 to 4, so we didn't bring along much sunshine, but we seem to did stop the snow. *hmmm... are we or am i an incarnation of some Weather Goddess?* LOL

Thursday, December 16, 2010


fingers playing through the keyboard
words worn with veils
snow floats by on tropical mind
yet never ever land
for landing means a touch of warmth
and melting follows after
but why the fear of what shall be
noone ever knows
if water seeps or flows to sea
or can other way it goes...

spiders spun the veil once worn
her spinning way too gifted;
awaiting the moment of breaking dawn
hoping the spell be lifted

was it a bad choice?

to leave when hell is let loose?
to jeopardise what might spell my future?
to sacrifice for someone i hold dear?
to smile when frown is what is expected of you?
come to think about it, what is the worst that can happen???
It'll just take longer...
someone once told me: "It is never the wrong way, just the longer way."
Nice quote!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

prologue or epilogue?

finals has ended... holiday is beginning...
So, is this a beginning or an ending?
Just so you know, the semester has been quite interesting.
With dramas and rendezvous... stress and pressure... fun and laughters... frowns and tears...
But Aal Izz Well!

Life moves on to a next phase, hopefully even more awesome than before.
Sometimes, i just wish certain friendships stay strong, if not stronger. But I'm glad I made more along the way too...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If I ever am, I'm sorry...

I have 2 choices now, a long term plan, or a short term plan.
Both might not work, but at least I have done my part.
However, I hope i never have to use any of it.
I felt my needs to do it, as a friend, but only if you are willing to listen...
Please make it my last resort. Not me resorting to it.

Note to self: Juin, never ever be a hypocrite, if you consciously know it!

And to my family and friends, the title says it all.

imoto-chan nippon ni iku...

my lil sis just flew to japan, bout 2 hrs ago... still thousand km above me while i'm writing this.
'Nice' send-off for her... Daijoubu ne, imoto-chan! Most important thing is that u have fun! which i know u will... ^^
'Excellent' timing, all the incidents! 

I wonder if it is because of both of you that i keep defending myself and building walls around me before anything happens. Always freaking out and keeping it safe. 
Or basically could be just myself! cos sis ain't having a prob with it.