Saturday, August 22, 2009

rebooting failed!

my aug sem break is comin to an end.
i am stil in time-out mood.
rebooting of my mood failed big time!
brain lag...
mood hang...
assignments...restoring items from recycle bin: -loading......1%-
homesick again!!

*just wrote all dis to update my blog*0.o

Saturday, August 8, 2009

bla bla bla...

only one week left! one week left to my flight back home!
one week left to returning bec to my cosy sweet home!
with all the deaths surrounding me... i'm stil happy...
dat's not rili good!
H1N1 is causing lots of deaths in malaysia.
til now, nearly 20 ppl have died!! it's an epidemic!!
however, after so many closure of high schools and higher-learning institution, UM is still holding on! sounds strong!
mayb cos of d precautionsUM took when the new sem started.
mostly everyone were quarantied for a week b4 a clearing was given.
wat is d world comin to?

there's a joke i read:
some ppl said that if a black guy became president, pigs will fly.
100days later: swine flu!
*it's just a joke!*

have been sleeping for hours today! suppose to go out to get a new pair of sandals.
mine now turn fr a normal pair of sandals to d infamous "CROCS"!!
*snap snap* it can open n close it's "front jaw"
pity i can't upload a pic of it.
hopefully i can change my hp soon! been hoping for it since forever!!
d batt is causing me some probs now... no indication of low batt, then when i'm speaking halfway on d phone:
"hello... helllooo??" - actually d hp died... n conversation cut!
super frustrating esp when it was an urgent conversation goin on!

btw, tried my first call to japan, to my sis's mobile today at 8.50am!
SUCCESS!! xpensive though! but a breakthrough nevertheless!
my 1st overseas call!
means i can try more next time... just nd to get d right number!
*i sure tried a hell lotta numbers just to get tru to u o, er jie!*
end here...
spent the last minute reading nonsense? dun blame me!
i'm just extracting memories into my pensieve...