Monday, July 22, 2013

How much do you know about...

brainzzz... not only food for zombies, come find out more!

Did-You-Know section in the room

Share all you know about anything or everything!!!
This is the Room of Creativity project in the high school that I'm currently teaching.
Whatcha think?

Hopscotch in a classroom? Why not?!

Teng-teng, as we call it in Malaysia.
We have one in school! In class!!
A new way to explore the classroom floor, eh?

Graffiti in school? Permitted!

A public school where you can "vandalize" the wall with graffiti.
In Malaysia? Yup!

When great minds think alike...

(cont) they need another mind to actually execute their ideas...

My housemate, Sharon, and I frequently had great ideas and chat about it in the living room.
Sometimes in the car while driving (causing a few miss turns and unplanned road-trips).
The ideas always grows and grows until we end our conversation knowing it is not going to executed anytime soon.
Today we had another great one and I'm jotting it down here before I forget.

Start a sharing blog together! On educational fillers!
Got some mixed feedback from a few other parties, but yeah, we can still afford to fail.
Plus it won't start off as a permanent career whatsoever.
So yeah!

To be continued...