Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple pleasures in life II

6. Listening to your favourite kinda music after a long time of not hearing it. *listening to gamelan and sape music now*
7. Long talks on the phone with loved ones.
8. Waving at stranger or stranger's children and getting waves and laughters back!
9. Ability to read lips and knowing you read it correctly.
10. The smile from a friend, who was losing faith but gained it back, after talking to me.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

An hour's call and a hypothetical hug

Dedicated to my little sis, Shern.
I wonder when you will be reading this. But I'll still post this for you.
I wish i could be there to pat your back and give you a comfort hug.
I'm glad you feel better after an hour plus of talk.
All da jie can give you is:
A hypothetical hug!! ................... *NICE!*


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally a fullstop.

I hope what i have seen so far is only temporary. I started doubting myself, but then again, I have never been a good judge in this aspect.
Prologue or epilogue, that is the question.
For now, it is clear that I am a normal undergraduate with average grades.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Staying positive

with a constant influx of preposterous chaos and utter nonsense, unforseen unfortunate events and helpless hands, it gets tiring...
On a Valentine's Day, wishing there is someone just to sit beside, in silence, yet total serenity...
There are things that can be heard, even without a sound.

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I love you!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

just realized, i haven't change much... have i?

still so easily trusting people, even strangers...
still am so naive in certain aspects....
which is still so troublesome sometimes...

Save My Soul.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

flowerhorn forehead... and loads of flashbacks...

My so said 'Fantabulous' days ahead just gave me a BANG on the head! literally!
There is a bump on my forehead... which thankfully was hidden by my one-sided fringe.

Done with my predicaments, elections in uni is coming up soon!!
Which also means my term as a rep has officially ended.
We MPMUM 2009/2010 were dismissed in a 'Hari-raya-announcement' style video by VC posted on our uni website.
And again, as years before, the hype of the campus elections is starting to spread all around, even more than the coming Valentine's day excitement. It is still exciting for me, kinda...
However, there are things a-term-as-student-rep has made me disagree upon.
Then again, with this current mentality and spirit, there are certain things that will need a lifetime to change.
I just sincerely hope that the coming board of rep will commit and contribute well to the long-term development of all students in UM and UM herself.  May they be wise enough to put capabilities before ideologies.
To all the friends i made and bonds i formed during my term, to all the memories and learning i gained in a term in the council, to all whom have supported me through thick and thin, and to those who have guided me, my sincerest thanks and apologies for everything. It was an AWESOME year (except the part where my academics were affected)!! *SALUTE*
Another streak of colour in my life's canvas...

Lotsa love,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another 'Merry' CNY to me!

Just 3 days into the new lunar year of the rabbit, catastrophes have already occured.
My laptop just died on me... diagnosis: harddisk crashed. My data? ALL GONE!!!
Fine~ what can I do... learnt my lesson, even with partition, data needs to be backed-up elsewhere!
Family ties are severed... fine... what else can I do... 
Gosh, what a start to the wabbit year of 2011!! Everything going off with a 'BANG'! =="
I'm seriously hoping this is the worst it can get and that things will go uphill from here! 
May all these be some blessings in disguise and may this year gain good momentum and end in awesomeness for all of us!! Gong Xi Gong Xi!!
*seriously praying*