Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love singing Christmas songs!!

I love them! Christmas songs!!
I love harmonizing for caroling!
And I get warm and fuzzy when a stranger tells us that we sing well...
FYI, my friends and I were just queuing to go on the cable car to Genting. We were self-entertaining ourselves and started singing. Caught up in our own crazy world, practising our caroling songs, when this uncle guy complimented us. Aaawwww...

This is one random year I got to do this, don't know when else I can sing loudly in public with friends anymore after this. One memorable moment I'll never forget!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The beginning from an end

Kem SKORlah has ended.
To all my kids, what we may have taught you in Kem SKORlah is very little compared to how much you can learn. Teachers may be wrong too, sometimes, so always keep your minds open!
I personally hope what you got from my classes is not only locus and circles, but a different way of learning.
Keep asking the how and whys in life, it is sooo interesting to find out about stuff around you!!! Even if there is no answer here, ask again there, ask ask everywhere!!
I hope you realize how great each and everyone of you are on the inside. All the potentials yet unleashed, all the curiosity untapped, all the wonders yet to be discovered inside of you.
All subjects can be fun, if the teachers are not providing you with fun, make some on your own. You can do it in your co-curricular activities, if not in class. Apply what you know and share it with others.
Tears of farewell are finite, but hopefully what you took away was infinite.
I have seen each of you change and grow, and I am very proud to have been with you for Kem SKORlah.
May our paths meet again someday, and I wish then what I see and hear from you is AWESOME, FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT news!

[Life's short; candles burnt, brief; fear not of death but life unlived]
A2, Awesome, Fantastic, Brilliant!! Be cooool~

But for me, the journey has only begun.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

come to a point whereby the body says no and the mind says go.

Mind over matter.
It is true. I believe it so.
However, I also always leave space for doubt.
We'll see how long a physical body can last while the mind says "GO".
That'll be the start of matter over mind.

Friday, November 25, 2011

para mi?? muchos gracias!!

One of my student gave us this!!
Oh, dear Annur Athira, so sweet of her!
Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside~ *^^*

Friday, November 18, 2011


Today, to end the week of lessons, we had an AMAZING MATH RACE between A2, my class, and A4, my fellow friends' class.
Kugahn, Joon Kee, Sharon and I have been teaching lessons in class A2. Joon Kee and Sharon (who will be with me in my future school) have been teaching English, while Kugahn and I have been teaching Maths.
The students are an awesome bunch, if only they had more confidence in themselves and participate more in class, we all could have so much more fun while learning! Anyway, they are a great bunch!
Back to the topic. Today we had this AMAZING MATH RACE between 2 classes. 4 teams from each class will compete against one another in 4 different stations: The PMR Question Station, The Construction Station, The Second Chance Station and The FUN FUN FUN Station. It is all about Form 2, Chapter 9, LOCUS.
And for your information, I have 3 Students from Peralihan, which is the Reform students. 
Teaming the students up with a mix of stronger kids and weaker kids so that they will help each other out, I am very proud to say that my kids did great!
Between A2 and A4, the winner of the AMAZING MATH RACE 2011 in SMK Ampang Pecah goes to....
My students earned top 3 in 8 teams competing!!! 
There is no English words I can think of to describe how I feel about my students achievements. AWESOME is an understatement. 
These kids have potential, mass potential, and it is really heartwarming to see them grow.
By the way, the picture above shows the chart of (hopefully they were honest about this) how happy our students are with our lessons for today! 5 bars of happiness!!! 

*hmmm... I wonder why Wai Loon did not grade us a 5.*

Well, I may be lacking loads of sleep if compared to the looong hours sleep I usually have at home, but somehow, their happy signals made every hour of sleep I lack so worthwhile...

P/S: I'm going to nap now......

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OMG~ I hate teaching. Or do I?

I love how the ideas come flowing when I'm thinking of ways to teach a certain lesson or objective to my students.
I love it when students actually get a concept and answer correctly.
I love how students come to you with smiles, treating you like a friend and be open about themselves.
I love how students actually tell you that they FINALLY understood a lesson, although they might have been taught the lesson before.
I love how my student told me she wanted more bars on her Happy Signal because 5 bars is not enough to express how happy she feels!
I super love the warm and fuzzy feeling when students can proudly tell everyone else what they learnt in class and why they enjoy coming to class!!!

But... I hate it when time seems to pass sooo quickly I cant seem to deliver my ideas well to my students.
Today, I am expected to teach the concept of locus of a straight line and locus equidistant of 2 intersecting lines. I asked them all to fold a paper plane each, and later noticing how the lines are parallel to make the wings equally sized and how the lines half the angles of certain folding, to show equidistant of 2 intersecting lines. However, I did not get to explain every lines on the paper plane but quickly rushed through it. The paper plane impact is not there, I think. *FAIL*

However, on the bright side, not to sound evil or crazy, I like FAILURES, even in my students' result (of course I'd LOVE if they succeed), becauuussseee THERE IS MORE SPACE FOR IMPROVEMENT!

I shall learn with every fall, and stand again, stronger and tougher.
There is much to be done.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From the 'inside' of a teacher-to-be.

I hear the whipping of the fan blade,
crickets break the silence of air.
Scribbles on paper,
thoughts at the end of a pen;
arose a feeling unfamiliar, unknown.
When pairs of eyes stares, I behold,
and realize the feeling that arose;
for no feelings like any other,
of imparting life into another.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby step to becoming a teacher

Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Training/Institute has been on for 2 weeks.
I may or may not have mentioned this, but I am very honoured to be on board as a TFM fellow and contributing towards the education sector in my beloved country.
I'm very amazed and surprised, with myself and all 49 other fellows and the TFM staffs for still being able to maintain smiles and laughter.
Kem SKORlah will be happening in 2 days time, on this coming Monday.
Here we are, on a Saturday, photocopying diagnostic test papers, catching up on lesson plans, classroom culture management plans, preparing colourful charts and diagrams to kick off and boost the excitement of the students who missed their holidays for this camp.
Here I am, drawing cute lil graphics and diagrams on my mini assessment for my students.
Work will continue tomorrow, a Sunday. But I can ensure you, although there may be butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and bugs in my tummies, I shall still go on with a smile.

Salute to everyone in TFM for being so energetic all the time and feeding my drive to walk down this path together.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple pleasures in life VII

31. Being open about my feelings.
32. Meeting like-minded people and making friends with them.
33. Being complimented and reassured.
34. Working on an assignment and enjoying the process of working on it.
35. Smell of dry cleaned laundry! ~<3
37. Missing nap time and doing something productive with it.
38. Fresh air.
39. Feeling the love from a phone call.
40. The feeling that if I'm given another chance to relive my life, there is nothing I want to change.

My dreamworld

Where work and play goes hand-in-hand. A new terminology for it shall form.
Weekend and weekdays ceased to exist.
7 days a week is a continuous activity filled with everything positive and nice, just a hint of negativity to allow comparison of what is great and what is not, in all aspects, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, morally, etc...

Dreams do come true, right?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And tears shall fall but the mind shall rise, higher than before

Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth)

- Directed by Aamir Khan
- Written by Amole Gupte
- Produced by Aamir Khan Productions

Friday, November 4, 2011

I finally cried my heart out, after holding it in for 3 days.
My purpose of joining TFM has always been vague.
I had not planned on my future and TFM was an "off-the-shelf" 2-year plan for me.
I did not have to worry about what to do in 2 years time.
I came in partly because I had this lazy thought in my mind.
I was not sure about what to do for Masters.
So TFM seems like an instant solution.

TFM came like a calling, it sounded definite, reliable, and of course noble.
I have been back and forth with nothing in mind and this sounded secure and stable, at least for 2 years.
Somehow, power of thought, I had a feeling I'd get this. Applying nothing else but TFM, yet unsure of why I did it, I still knew I'd get in.
I came to the Institute, unprepared, not finishing my Pre-reading pack, which I ought to have read through to begin my 'journey'.
Small, I felt, for many came from overseas, speaking absolutely fluent English, some even with accents (no judgement there)!
Everyone seemed so cool and big (not in size). Everyone looked so sure about themselves doing this.
Everyone else seemed to have read up stuff and prepared to embark on this path.
I was everything but all that...

I came in, open to everything they can offer me, for I had nothing to begin with.
My passion was not solid when I came in. I had doubts...
Some way or another, something called to me, and knowing I had accepted it,
even after being forewarned about the what-maybe-the-worst-2-years-of-your-life, I had to come.
It would be terrible, morally, not to go on.
I came here, soften by the thought of so many people supporting me, physically, intellectually, mentally and emotionally.
My passion and drive were the two main things I came to look for here.
Both of this needs to be solidified and filled, for this will be one hell of a ride.

It has only been 3 days, and I have been humbled to my knees.
3 days have made me grown so much.
What I have seen, learnt and experienced here moved me like no 23-years of life experience can.
I thought I was brought up well, filled with values and character.
I came to realize all that values were nothing without me putting it to good use.
This Institute and TFM helped me channel those values out.
I gained my self-worth, I saw my value, all the I-am-small feelings faded and I focus on the value that I have, however tiny it may be.
I can work on that! And I will...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Superb quotes

~Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.~
~It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.~ -A. Einstein

~Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.~
~ No groups or organization can properly prescribe precisely what should constitute the body of knowledge with which true education is concerned~ -Franklin D. Roosevelt

~ You know how many seeds there are in an apple, but how many apples are there in a seed? ~
-Pastor Elisha Satvinder Singh

~ The heart of education is the education of the heart ~
~ Define school. School is a building with four walls and tomorrow inside it.~ -Pastor Phua Chee Tiong, SMK Jinjang

~A great teacher goes beyond what is presribed~  -Mr Pudun, SK Ba Kelalan.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Appreciate the excitement, but I can't afford to continue.
I need to step on firm ground, so should you...


It gives hope, inspires, motivates and encourages.
Also, burdens, confuses and sometimes disappoints.

What are your expectations of me?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Did i just witness my first UFO sighting?

I saw a bluish white light streak across the sky about 5 storeys high up from the ground. It then disappeared in mid-air. It was about 9.45pm, just now, before turning into my housing area.
Curious case.
It can't be a plane, it was too fast and too low.
It can't be fireworks, it didn't pop or anything. It didn't slowly flickered and died off, it just disappeared!
It cant be a comet, it did not fully streak pass into the horizon or is this possible for a comet?
Can it be something unworldly? Roommie said it is a 'polong'.
It will disappear if someone sees it. So I just saved a life. hmmm... whoever it is, you're welcome.
Still... UFO in KT?! super cool theory!


朋友的反应, 一半都不怎么赞成, 但总觉得我们会不一样。
我并非有任何期望或想像任何浪漫事情, 但我也没想像我表达的感情在大众摆出来。
原来自己以为开放了的感觉只是对自己开放, 而不是在大众面前开放。
好朋友要拖朋友下水, 也应该一起在水里了吧!
我无法转脑经那么快, 也是好事。反应大了, 可能连朋友都没得当。
总是想身边的人都跟我一样的想法, 原来好朋友也会不心灵相同, 没有默契。
要开始反省了, 不是每个人都能很有默契的猜的出我的思想。


Friday, October 21, 2011

Am I alone on this?

Do tell me, am I alone on this?
I'm having second thoughts. Please prove me wrong.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A beginning of another chapter

My convocation message: Closing of a chapter, but not of a book.
I may have flipped the page, not knowing how the book ends yet, but I wept anyway.
Beginning of a new chapter, new characters unfamiliar to me will appear.
I'll be venturing into alien territory.
Thank goodness, I have a good friend with me. At least one character is still in the picture to connect everything together. *Pressure's on you, Tong* XD

It has been a surreal week, even more surreal past few days.
Yes, I'm talking bout you, my friend!
Aal izz Well... (This may be a quote from the "3 Idiots" movie, but it sure does work in reality!)

I shall end this with a song that accompanied me when I choked myself with tears few days ago.
Add this to my bucket list: To attend JYJ's concert at least once (hopefully soon)

Monday, October 10, 2011


courtesy of Joshua Chew

Memories of the 3 years in UM kept flashing in my mind...
Flooded with nostalgic feelings now and then.
All the friendship I've made, all the fun experience, joy and pain (mostly joy), all the crushes I had, the learning and sharing, the smiles and laughter I've seen and heard, the love I've seen grown...
It was a super-duper fantastical, end-with-a-bang, wonderfully memorable send-off on my official-final-day-as-a-undergraduate!
I can't thank all my friends enough for the colours they have painted in my university-life-canvas.
My apologies for all my misbehaviour towards any of you.

To all who graduated with me, congratulations and best wishes in your future undertakings!
To all who had graduated and still came back for the celebration, and to all coming-soon-graduates, Thank you is an understatement of how I want to express my feelings.
I'm missing all of you already.

Life's short; candles burn, brief;
Fear not of death but life unlived.
(Mine is well-lived with all of you in it!)

Lots of love,

Speechlessly touched!!

My very close friend being proposed to on her graduation day in UMT. 2 Oct 2011.
Congratulations. All the built up lactic acid these 2 weeks, travelling and all... absolutely worthwhile by just thinking of this occasion.
Double joy on your convocation, Feng!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scene right out of the movie 'Tangled'... sorta...

hot air lanterns floating up and out~

scribble your wishes on it and send it off to the heavens...

a lil display of fireworks

view while on the river cruise

Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival to all. 中秋节快乐!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SHE is one of the reason I have to come home~

Pantai Pandak. About 30min from home.
She used to be hidden. Like our (and a handful of other locals who know about this) very own private beach.
Coming here in the evening, shades of pretty blue greets you, and behind you, rays of sunlight peep through the clouds, producing glorious mixture of colours.
I'll let the pictures do the talking now.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Bucket List

1. Enjoy the Rainforest Music Festival.
2. Own a Mini Cooper S.
3. Go to a concert.
4. Adopt an animal.
5. Take pic with at least 5 celebrities (local or international).
6. Adopt a child, no matter if it is through a non-profit organization or literally.
7. A boatride out to sea at night just to watch stars
8. Try ice-skating.
9. Travel to at least 10 different countries
10. Buy my own home.

Well, this list will grow...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gorgeous, the costumes too!!

2NE1- Ugly
Another awesome performance, never a letdown, these girls! ^^

I'm still very free, so I continued with this:

taking pictures of nice scenery, which is nicer in real view

grating coconuts for grandma

playing with d goggie, that's my sis

just being by the jetty

capturing the sun shimmering on the water

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

freerice.com. A way to eradicate hunger by playing games! SERIOUSLY!! ^^

My friend Hung Tong introduced me to this: http://freerice.com/
I played games (quizzes to be exact), and for every correct answer, the sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice.
Grains of rice may not count much now, but accumulated grains will be a bowl of rice.
Accumulated grains of rice worldwide will feed the poor.
I may not have the literal money to donate but this website allows me to contribute to eradicating hunger on earth.
I am doing my part already, are you?
Join Us!! The quizzes are super fun too!!

Fact: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/charity/freerice.asp (thx to Willy Yee, my tuition teacher) ^^

Sunday, August 7, 2011

strings of events~ well.. i AM super free, so this is what I did

I harvested rambutans straight from the trees.  Dad weighted down the branch and I snipped the fruits right from their twigs!
I climbed a coconut tree which is 2 floors high (without ladder!!) and chopped down a branch of coconuts.
Opened coconuts for the coconut drink, which tasted super awesomely isotonic and sweet after sweating like a pig while harvesting the rambutans.
I drove my dad's Pajero on the way back from Kelantan (4WD doesn't feel much different from normal car but I never dared myself to drive it before)
Sold rambutans the next day cos we harvested seriously LOADS of them. You'll see from the pictures below.

nearly whole back boot of dad's car is filled with these hairy red fruits


selling near d junction to my house

RM3/kg, u want extra?? SURE! ^^

family business - taking selcas during business hour ^^

well~ selling is caring... we have a lot anyway~ LOL
Somehow, I kinda imagine us doing this if *touchwood* we became poor.
Well, the smiles on our faces means we can enjoy this now, we can enjoy this then, IF *touchwood* we need to.
Well, all in all, grandma enjoyed this the most and that's all that matters. =)

Unemployed and enjoying every moment of it.
Yours truly

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My love and always will be

Such heavenly voices. 

angels they are
Perfect live harmonization at 2:43

TVXQ - the best boy group ever!!
Their voices are distinctive in their own special ways and yet able to harmonize together into one.
Till now, none have been able to replace them or emulate what they did or achieved.
The above video is linked from youtube - a recorded-music-removed version of the performance.
Noone, seriously, can sing and dance so awesomely well like they do and they do it live!!!
It is a big plus that they are all very good-looking!!
Although they are split into 2 groups now, I am holding on to the faith that they will perform together as a group one day. Hopefully soon... I am waiting...

Always keep the faith.
Cassiopeia at heart

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of the Blue, I challenge YOU! (hey it rhymes!)

Seriously did this out of the blue.
Passed by certain spots that caught my eye in ChinaTown, K.Trg, and decided to wake up at 5.30am in the morn the next day to take some pic while hardly anyone is up. (Thinking the lighting would be nice... and save us the embarrassment as well).  My poor sis, Shern had to endure my madness with me.
I am on my road to rediscover my own hometown (if you count more than 12 years staying in a town, a hometown)
Well, if you are in K.Trg, I challenge u to find this places.
like it says! 
smile for me!

Look for the Turtle Alley

Find the door with the word "安仁"

very old door and wall...

another traditional door

Look for this!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pets, Predators & Prey

my pet feline: Scrawny (Photo credits to my sis, Shern)

Pet Canine: Monday! aka Mandy (Photo credits to my sis, Shern)

A poor injured bird, me feline guilty as charged! Poor bird died the next day.
Having a great time at home playing with my Canon camera.
May the poor bird rest in peace.