Sunday, January 31, 2010

in a week's time...

OMG, er jie, missed u so much! a year sure has gone past so fast.
dedicate this post to u n ur frens in japan. surely it has been a fun-filled experience u being thr n them having u... x worries bout farewells n partings, every meeting ll end with goodbyes, it is natural. thus, all i can say is use this short time wisely, get each other's contact. all of them!! home add, hp email, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc...
micky no tomodachi, u guys are always welcomed to malaysia n to our home. Do come visit! surely micky ll be very very happy to have u guys over, rite er jie?
nothing i can say can undo the pain of separation. but pls dun think of d sadness but d joy u guys have spent together over the past 11 months. =)

signing off,
da jie. ^,^v

Saturday, January 23, 2010

times have changed, but will i?

many things have been goin on lately. yet next week more will come!

btw, b4 i start off with my life philosophy and nags, i would like to announce to all my readers that 3rd Residential College Girls Volleyball Team has made it to the finals of SUKMUM 2009/2010!!ok, back to the boring stuff.. life has changed quite alot for me.

now i get to see how far i can go with just an hour of sleep. now i get to feel what it is like to be up all day, having 24hrs a day yet still wanting more. i managed to run around campus surviving on no breakfast, 10 spoonful of food for lunch and no dinner. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

I am currently contesting as a faculty representative for the 2009/2010 UM campus elections. It was quite a last minute decision although my senior told me i have actually this tiny lil me inside wanting it quite some time ago... i wonder...
anyway, it is a new doorway for me to see things i have never seen before and to contribute back to my fellow students. On how far i can contribute, i can only imagine for now... I do hope my friends will support me through this!

One thing i truly hope is that all these would not change me for what i am now, in terms of my personality especially!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A person has two legs and one sense of humor, and if you're faced with the choice, it is better to lose a leg.

lactic acid

lactic acid is the word to describe my condition right now.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!
yes, to you too! Happy New Year!
however, how happy should you be with another year passing by and you another year older and yet there's nothing much new goin on and life still goes on the same way it does.
or how sad should you be when there is a new chance to start off something interesting and a new resolution to fulfil, new people to meet, new activities to do...
Glass half-filled or half-emptied? Point of View, people, point of view.
Gonna try to get a grip on myself. have been lost for years, no aim, no ambition, nothing!
hopefully 2010 is a lucky new start for me. My decisions shall prove me right, or prove me wrong. but then again, without falls, you won't notice the peaks in life.