Saturday, January 23, 2010

times have changed, but will i?

many things have been goin on lately. yet next week more will come!

btw, b4 i start off with my life philosophy and nags, i would like to announce to all my readers that 3rd Residential College Girls Volleyball Team has made it to the finals of SUKMUM 2009/2010!!ok, back to the boring stuff.. life has changed quite alot for me.

now i get to see how far i can go with just an hour of sleep. now i get to feel what it is like to be up all day, having 24hrs a day yet still wanting more. i managed to run around campus surviving on no breakfast, 10 spoonful of food for lunch and no dinner. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

I am currently contesting as a faculty representative for the 2009/2010 UM campus elections. It was quite a last minute decision although my senior told me i have actually this tiny lil me inside wanting it quite some time ago... i wonder...
anyway, it is a new doorway for me to see things i have never seen before and to contribute back to my fellow students. On how far i can contribute, i can only imagine for now... I do hope my friends will support me through this!

One thing i truly hope is that all these would not change me for what i am now, in terms of my personality especially!!

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