Monday, October 24, 2011

Did i just witness my first UFO sighting?

I saw a bluish white light streak across the sky about 5 storeys high up from the ground. It then disappeared in mid-air. It was about 9.45pm, just now, before turning into my housing area.
Curious case.
It can't be a plane, it was too fast and too low.
It can't be fireworks, it didn't pop or anything. It didn't slowly flickered and died off, it just disappeared!
It cant be a comet, it did not fully streak pass into the horizon or is this possible for a comet?
Can it be something unworldly? Roommie said it is a 'polong'.
It will disappear if someone sees it. So I just saved a life. hmmm... whoever it is, you're welcome.
Still... UFO in KT?! super cool theory!


朋友的反应, 一半都不怎么赞成, 但总觉得我们会不一样。
我并非有任何期望或想像任何浪漫事情, 但我也没想像我表达的感情在大众摆出来。
原来自己以为开放了的感觉只是对自己开放, 而不是在大众面前开放。
好朋友要拖朋友下水, 也应该一起在水里了吧!
我无法转脑经那么快, 也是好事。反应大了, 可能连朋友都没得当。
总是想身边的人都跟我一样的想法, 原来好朋友也会不心灵相同, 没有默契。
要开始反省了, 不是每个人都能很有默契的猜的出我的思想。


Friday, October 21, 2011

Am I alone on this?

Do tell me, am I alone on this?
I'm having second thoughts. Please prove me wrong.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A beginning of another chapter

My convocation message: Closing of a chapter, but not of a book.
I may have flipped the page, not knowing how the book ends yet, but I wept anyway.
Beginning of a new chapter, new characters unfamiliar to me will appear.
I'll be venturing into alien territory.
Thank goodness, I have a good friend with me. At least one character is still in the picture to connect everything together. *Pressure's on you, Tong* XD

It has been a surreal week, even more surreal past few days.
Yes, I'm talking bout you, my friend!
Aal izz Well... (This may be a quote from the "3 Idiots" movie, but it sure does work in reality!)

I shall end this with a song that accompanied me when I choked myself with tears few days ago.
Add this to my bucket list: To attend JYJ's concert at least once (hopefully soon)

Monday, October 10, 2011


courtesy of Joshua Chew

Memories of the 3 years in UM kept flashing in my mind...
Flooded with nostalgic feelings now and then.
All the friendship I've made, all the fun experience, joy and pain (mostly joy), all the crushes I had, the learning and sharing, the smiles and laughter I've seen and heard, the love I've seen grown...
It was a super-duper fantastical, end-with-a-bang, wonderfully memorable send-off on my official-final-day-as-a-undergraduate!
I can't thank all my friends enough for the colours they have painted in my university-life-canvas.
My apologies for all my misbehaviour towards any of you.

To all who graduated with me, congratulations and best wishes in your future undertakings!
To all who had graduated and still came back for the celebration, and to all coming-soon-graduates, Thank you is an understatement of how I want to express my feelings.
I'm missing all of you already.

Life's short; candles burn, brief;
Fear not of death but life unlived.
(Mine is well-lived with all of you in it!)

Lots of love,

Speechlessly touched!!

My very close friend being proposed to on her graduation day in UMT. 2 Oct 2011.
Congratulations. All the built up lactic acid these 2 weeks, travelling and all... absolutely worthwhile by just thinking of this occasion.
Double joy on your convocation, Feng!!