Friday, October 14, 2011

A beginning of another chapter

My convocation message: Closing of a chapter, but not of a book.
I may have flipped the page, not knowing how the book ends yet, but I wept anyway.
Beginning of a new chapter, new characters unfamiliar to me will appear.
I'll be venturing into alien territory.
Thank goodness, I have a good friend with me. At least one character is still in the picture to connect everything together. *Pressure's on you, Tong* XD

It has been a surreal week, even more surreal past few days.
Yes, I'm talking bout you, my friend!
Aal izz Well... (This may be a quote from the "3 Idiots" movie, but it sure does work in reality!)

I shall end this with a song that accompanied me when I choked myself with tears few days ago.
Add this to my bucket list: To attend JYJ's concert at least once (hopefully soon)

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