Monday, October 24, 2011

Did i just witness my first UFO sighting?

I saw a bluish white light streak across the sky about 5 storeys high up from the ground. It then disappeared in mid-air. It was about 9.45pm, just now, before turning into my housing area.
Curious case.
It can't be a plane, it was too fast and too low.
It can't be fireworks, it didn't pop or anything. It didn't slowly flickered and died off, it just disappeared!
It cant be a comet, it did not fully streak pass into the horizon or is this possible for a comet?
Can it be something unworldly? Roommie said it is a 'polong'.
It will disappear if someone sees it. So I just saved a life. hmmm... whoever it is, you're welcome.
Still... UFO in KT?! super cool theory!

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