Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where do I stand?

I don't know where I stand...
I'm there when I'm needed,
Aside when I'm not.

Noone will tell me what I did wrong. Always left wondering...
I then psyco myself into thinking that everything is okay.
However positive I look on the outside, I'm hurting myself inside.
Grudge is a destructible fire within.
Which is super uncool! =S

For now, I shall blame my hormones again...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Simple pleasures in life III

11. Old grandmas proudly wearing a sarong, using a computer and having coffee at the same time, in public!
Old grannys are (in my opinion) only at home, caring for their grandchildren n doing nothing much but be content in life after achieving so much. N they are usually not tech-savvy... usually~
seeing one in public? AWESOME!!
12. Hearing a smile through the phone.
13. Hugs
14. Watching the full moon in a clear sky with its silver reflection on the ocean.
15. Travelling spontaneously to give comfort to a friend in need...

Monday, March 14, 2011

day by day

Life moves on,
day by day...
the past still haunts,
time to time...
Behold the future,
dream by dream...
Live the present
the moments divine.

dedicated to a lovely friend of mine; from her dreams i drew strength and gained faith; and from her pen, i found beauty in strings of words...

Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm in my final semester now. Final Year Project to be done.
Now, it is starting to dawn to me that my graduation is near, and I should be thinking and deciding on what i really need to do in future.
There have been times I started drifting off in thoughts, considering possibilities of my future.
Recently, I drew strength and hope from dreams and ambitions of close friends. Sounds pathetic...
However, it is great to see friends spilling their dreams and sharing their ideas with you, sounding like a child full of hope and feeling as though everything is possible. Actually, nothing much is impossible, it is just the way you try to get pass obstacles and tackling them in a creative yet practical way.
There are lots of things I'd like to contribute in. However, it also dawns to me that I need to work on myself before I can lead. "Lead with example" is a quote I do believe in.
I miss the times where dreams and imagination flows and put a smile to my face, having faith in them, believing one day I can achieve all those; the times when the 'light bulb' turns on in my head, and ideas keep coming, arranging themselves in a realistic kind of way, feeding you the courage and plans to execute them.
There are much to think about, and much more to do... I want to relive my child-like feeling of 'Anything is possible', in order to gain strength and faith in things now.
Leaving me with one question now: Why can't I just be the child I was? =)

life's short...

My friend, Malar, had just lost her brother.
My deepest condolences.
I hope you stay strong, gal.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a night of a new bitch, unethical seats, unusual movie-watching n a great show!

yea, that bitch is me~
and this is our new pet googie!!

no name yet~ but i suggest 'March' for the month we took her in! ^^
Sis said this lil cutie was suspected to be left by the master. However, noone claimed her. She has been trained to not walk into the house it seems, so her invisible border was to our sliding door... but she seems to not want to walk out of our front gate too, after we took her in. Sis said she tried to coerce her out to the main road by standing opposite the road and calling her, (btw, she accepts whatever name our family are giving her now, sis mentioned: fluffy, kuro and sa zai, = ="), she just ran across the road, gave me sis a lil nudge and ran back onto our porch! GYAAA~ kawaiiiiii!! Sis said she can stand on 2 hind legs too if we snap our fingers twice. She will be one of the reason I have to go home during study week. *wink*

Anyway, talking bout unethical seats and unusual movie watching, randomness overload! I left for movie with my friend, Fit right after dinner with CCC family. Bought front row seats cos' we were late, but opt to not ruin a good movie by sitting illegally and super unethically at the OKU seats! GAAAH!! However, got chased off the seat by a couple whom got legal tickets to d seats( they are very healthy subjects, mind you). Fine! Still, front row seats with me craning my neck to watch my movie, no-no-no. So, next best option, sitting at the stairs, or more accurately, the platform before the flight of stairs or literally, the floor!
Just so you know, the awesome movie was:
*drum roll*
Even recommended my dad to watch it. I believe he will love the adventure and survival skills they had.

Back in college, met with Xin Tong, who came back from Jay Chou's concert with Kiky. Had a good chat!
Random outing to McD cos a junior, Alan wanted food. Back in college, another round of short chitchat and now I am here...blogging...
Well, it has been a good night wasted! But then again, time enjoy wasting is not time wasted! *wink*

Goodnight ya'llzzz!