Sunday, June 21, 2009

in between 1s n 2nd

to pen after a long break, break = long hol after a year in uni @ long break from blogging.
many things can happen in a second, many things can not happen in a long time... if u get wat i mean.
things that do happen r interesting to be pen down, if u r creative enough.
in between 1s n 2nd year of undergraduate studies, things do happen. difference is whether is i'm liking it or not. that's all.

so... flashbacks:
did a kuanman trip(kuantan-kemaman) Baby Milo gengie in Kemaman
Attack of the cake-famine...Poor cake, didn't stand a chance against those monstrous digging from the spoons. (celebrated birthday for a whole year in a go, blew candles for june-rs, n then re-lighted d candles n did another celebration for d sept-ers n nov-ers, how cool is dat??!! XD)

farewell party for our lovely wini...d ultimate imitator!! gonna miss u girl!
hey! dun judge me for not having family pics... i did spent quality time with my family...
v travelled 2 states n bec in 3days 2 nights! did a mouthwatering steamboat...spent plain family time in front of d idiot-box.
soon... it'll be time to leave home again! T-T
i've already grown into an amazon here... roots n all. lazing ard for 2 whole month fertilized my roots at home... plus quite a field of mushrooms as well!
of course laptop-ing can't be missed out! laptop-ing = include all usage of d laptop; watching movies n dramas, listening to music, internet-surfing, youtube-ing, etc...
k, shout out to a few ppl while i'm here:
- wern, nothing better to wish u, cos u have everything thr already! *envy*
- congrats to my aunt for getting into UM, 7th col.
- happy father's day to my papa!
- thx mom for d BIG BANG Global Warning Tour DVD!
- thx grandma for all d things she did at home. ^-^
- happy birthday to my june-rs: feng n abi aw! XD