Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lea Salonga

Plenary Hall, KLCC

I got to go!!! Free tickets!! Thx to my uncle Wa. Thx to mom as well.
Rating: Amazing! Superb!!
Her voice is as huge as d hall we were sitting in! <3

I have experienced a very civilised concert. Next is to try the screaming-fanatic type of concert!! LOL

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i just read an email from a lecturer of mine.
like a break-up letter it was.
stating she cannot take me in as one of her FYP student.
*ask me why*
because i am a chinese.
someone(chinese) 'attacked' her, showing her a very rude behaviour.
caused her to somehow link it to a race, my race! n stereotyped me, or chinese on the whole.
GOSH! *crying* hurt, by her comments...
hurt by the fact that i got rejected due to my race.
hurt by the fact that she got hurt by someone from my race.
hurt by the fact that there is such person that associates attitude problem with race.
hurt by the fact that in reality, there is no such thing as 1Malaysia.
as long as RACE exists, we shall never unite...
open-minded indeed eh... how dare you claim yourself open-minded after coming back from a country u think has mould u into an 'open-minded' person when once u r back in your home country u pinpoint people by their skin colour!!

*i regretted sending d reply to my lecturer.*

Sunday, May 9, 2010


我不明白。 是我的责任吗? 对, 我也是一起吃喝玩乐, 但并不代表全都是我的责任。
我以为你们身为朋友会体谅, 但你们一声都不出, 我只好把不爽的心情收下。
有时候, 我已经很不顾面子地说出我的心声, 可能是我的样子好像在开玩笑吧, “哈哈”, 算了吧! 我也明白大家的处境, 大家都是学生。 我不多说了。
我感谢那些体谅及了解我的处境的朋友, 虽然我不好意思, 但肯与我分担的朋友, thank you!

今天是母亲节。 为妈妈买了一篮花, 一个album, 都是妹妹的主义, 也是妹妹负责买的, 我只是支持而已。
小妹也burn了一片cd给妈妈。妹妹们真乖, 好有心!做大姐的只得付钱, 也并不是我的钱。
结果, 给爸爸训, 说我们很会花钱。 我承认, 有时候我会过分用钱。 但并不是买名牌,不是去赌钱, 不是去clubbing; 我花的是吃, 车油。 服装我不容易看上眼, 我不参与不良活动, 有时候, 可能是感觉自己处境比朋友好, 就多花一点点,帮他们付一些比较琐碎的费用,因为自己的父母亲付得起。 那是我不好, 我认错。 对不起!
我以后会体谅爸爸多一点, 希望爸爸也明白我。
可能看你们肯为其他朋友做事, 有时候无条件的答应帮忙, 我也是这样,因为自己有能力, 所以答应朋友,并没想过,我有的‘能力’, 也是父母辛苦过来的。这也是我的疏忽, 对不起!
但是看见朋友要求, 明知道自己可以帮, 却拒绝的话, 又不好意思, 做人好累哦!
我是不是很矛盾, 想帮人, 却好像要回报, 不诚心, 不如不帮, 不帮又看不下眼; WAAAAA!!!

无聊, 高惠娟! 自己在反省反省吧!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

woke up with a shock!

phone rang, 8 plus in the morn.
sis sounded like she was sobbing.
"大姐, 家起火!"
imagine that! nah... just the stove.
gosh, the way she told me! ~it was actually a small prank.
anyway, was a dangerous situation. Glad sis are ok.
however, when she mentioned 厨房罢了, i immediately thought of the 2 cupboards of books plus a rack of Britanica! *I haven't even read through Britanica yet!*
hmmm.. of all the appliances and things in the kitchen, i first thought of something that doesn't even belong in there: books! XD
i can't go back to sleep after that...

Random thought: I love you, er jie, shern! I admire you too, papa! N mama, take care of her, sis, cos i love her too...*totally feeling like hugging u guys tight!<3*

p/s: erjie, shern: try not to sleep like logs! 危険な!! WALAO EH!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

will we ever

move forward?
it is logical and rational.
but yet...
i am not you, i can try, i will try, but will you?
it takes both side to make it happen.
one will never go forth without the other.
i want to, do you?

please try not to live in only your POV. you will never see what's coming.