Thursday, May 20, 2010


i just read an email from a lecturer of mine.
like a break-up letter it was.
stating she cannot take me in as one of her FYP student.
*ask me why*
because i am a chinese.
someone(chinese) 'attacked' her, showing her a very rude behaviour.
caused her to somehow link it to a race, my race! n stereotyped me, or chinese on the whole.
GOSH! *crying* hurt, by her comments...
hurt by the fact that i got rejected due to my race.
hurt by the fact that she got hurt by someone from my race.
hurt by the fact that there is such person that associates attitude problem with race.
hurt by the fact that in reality, there is no such thing as 1Malaysia.
as long as RACE exists, we shall never unite...
open-minded indeed eh... how dare you claim yourself open-minded after coming back from a country u think has mould u into an 'open-minded' person when once u r back in your home country u pinpoint people by their skin colour!!

*i regretted sending d reply to my lecturer.*

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