Sunday, May 2, 2010

woke up with a shock!

phone rang, 8 plus in the morn.
sis sounded like she was sobbing.
"大姐, 家起火!"
imagine that! nah... just the stove.
gosh, the way she told me! ~it was actually a small prank.
anyway, was a dangerous situation. Glad sis are ok.
however, when she mentioned 厨房罢了, i immediately thought of the 2 cupboards of books plus a rack of Britanica! *I haven't even read through Britanica yet!*
hmmm.. of all the appliances and things in the kitchen, i first thought of something that doesn't even belong in there: books! XD
i can't go back to sleep after that...

Random thought: I love you, er jie, shern! I admire you too, papa! N mama, take care of her, sis, cos i love her too...*totally feeling like hugging u guys tight!<3*

p/s: erjie, shern: try not to sleep like logs! 危険な!! WALAO EH!

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