Thursday, April 30, 2009


finals is over for sem 2, 2008/2009 session.
i thought it would be exhilarating, hmm.. guess not!
ruined by the fact that i did horribly for my maths paper.
what is it with me n maths??!!
i tried so hard to get the figures n formulas in my head, yet, i stil can't apply once the question takes a twist.
sorry to disappoint whoever that expects anything from me...

anyway, life goes on, it's just one paper, i tried doin better in others, but we'll see how it ends.
should've been shopping 2day itself as a celebration of finishing our finals,
but alas, preparation for the battle 2day really drained us...
So i guess my wish of changing a new hp is washed down d drain.
i'l just have to think of other plans to get my now-in-dreamy-blurry-picture-stil-not fulfilled-wish hp... >.<

just an update...i think this blog is dull too...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


what i wanna mention has been mentioned by my friends.
bout college resident list. so, skip that. my anguish is similar towhat they wrote.
talk bout my my finals then... hmm.. boring...
surely u'll b reading bout how i flunk some papers, some papers are ok... bla bla...
so skip that as well.
oh, what bout telling u i have only 3 more papers left n that i'm going back to my cosy lil hometown on d 4th of May by flight with my beloved mommy...
yay! soon... i'll b able to drive my cutie lil kancil car, go around yam cha-ing with my old gangie,
watch astro at home, watch movies n dramas collected since beginning of this sem, go online,
plan n implement the long-awaited gangie trip, go to d beach!(stuck in kl for quite some time i'm starting to miss d beach), eat all d homecook food, hometown delicacies...yum yum!!
i guess u x feel what i feel.. d eager feeling of doin al d stuff above...
but since i already wrote that n u already read it, no point saying skip it now!

blogging just for d sake of updating my pensieve. =P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I know... but i can't help it...

i know, final is just around d corner...
i know, thr's less than a week's time
i know, i haven't started revising...
i realize, i am stil goin out from room for everything other than studies.
i also realize, even in my room, i am not studying...
anyway, just for d sake of blogging,
a tor-tune which keeps spinning in my head, not for real torturing,
but a catchy song i fell for at 1s hearing! XD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

flunking my english..

shoooooot! my english is getting worse by the day!!
wat is goin on??!!! i was torn between 2 similar yet so different answers in cloze passage exercises(which rarely happens to me), and torn many times dat is!
hey, my english test or mock test or even exercise usually scores quite high. mayb only 1, 2 or 3 wrong answers. but... i failed myself!
now reading other bloggers writing makes me feel so small n useless d!
even my sisters friends can write better than me!
that is so heart smashing!
got commented on making up english words and phrases in class as well... DOWN!
if mom sees dis, i am sooooo dead! XD

Sunday, April 5, 2009

teddies don't hug back... T-T

Teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got!!

heartbroken, mind went blank went i heard d news, shocked!! how could... i... he...
MIZUSHIMA HIRO is married!!! T-T

omedeto anyway to him and his wife, ayaka-san.
although i already realized the fact. hey, he's just my idol!
still... it breaks me! why?? doshite??
here, i wanna promote a j-drama: Meichan no Shitsuji

may their marriage lasts and may they be blessed and blissful!!!
pray for ayaka-san health as well.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

that's wat friends r for!

hmm... boring essay bout how a fren in need is a fren indeed??
oh, my fren saved me at d nick of time?
how a fren covered my back one way o other??

frens u x nd are frens too!! XD
interesting quote? yup! dat's d truth.
hey, anyone who "terasa", dun misunderstand!
i mean it in a good way of course!!
if u r d guai guai, i-muz-study-for-future type of ppl,
then these r frens u dun rili nd, but yet, without them, u'll b missing a point in life.
So, nd or dun nd them?? hmmm.... @_@

For me, i totally need them!!
my emotional n psycological support.
my essentials!! XD
they distract me when i feel like swapping lives with someone else,
show me dat i am who i shud b, n dat thr's no nd to be anyone else.
DANG!!! this blog is boring me...

i'l continue a new story then!! D life i wan to swap my own with:
guess wat her host dad rented for her??
WHOLE SET OF DBSK ALBUMS!!!! including d latest: SECRET CODE
other than that, she went to universal studio japan,
went on rides with spiderman saving her, ET next to her, saw peter pan flying n such.
She's stil on earth... x worry.
Just exchanged to Japan!!!!! Ish!! Y am i not her?

Shern, i guess u n me can only imagine d taste of japan tru er jie's pics which she emails to us.

But still, there r memories of mine that she can't enjoy! =)
we r different yet similar... wuuuhh, dat's deep!! =D