Thursday, April 2, 2009

that's wat friends r for!

hmm... boring essay bout how a fren in need is a fren indeed??
oh, my fren saved me at d nick of time?
how a fren covered my back one way o other??

frens u x nd are frens too!! XD
interesting quote? yup! dat's d truth.
hey, anyone who "terasa", dun misunderstand!
i mean it in a good way of course!!
if u r d guai guai, i-muz-study-for-future type of ppl,
then these r frens u dun rili nd, but yet, without them, u'll b missing a point in life.
So, nd or dun nd them?? hmmm.... @_@

For me, i totally need them!!
my emotional n psycological support.
my essentials!! XD
they distract me when i feel like swapping lives with someone else,
show me dat i am who i shud b, n dat thr's no nd to be anyone else.
DANG!!! this blog is boring me...

i'l continue a new story then!! D life i wan to swap my own with:
guess wat her host dad rented for her??
WHOLE SET OF DBSK ALBUMS!!!! including d latest: SECRET CODE
other than that, she went to universal studio japan,
went on rides with spiderman saving her, ET next to her, saw peter pan flying n such.
She's stil on earth... x worry.
Just exchanged to Japan!!!!! Ish!! Y am i not her?

Shern, i guess u n me can only imagine d taste of japan tru er jie's pics which she emails to us.

But still, there r memories of mine that she can't enjoy! =)
we r different yet similar... wuuuhh, dat's deep!! =D

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