Saturday, April 25, 2009


what i wanna mention has been mentioned by my friends.
bout college resident list. so, skip that. my anguish is similar towhat they wrote.
talk bout my my finals then... hmm.. boring...
surely u'll b reading bout how i flunk some papers, some papers are ok... bla bla...
so skip that as well.
oh, what bout telling u i have only 3 more papers left n that i'm going back to my cosy lil hometown on d 4th of May by flight with my beloved mommy...
yay! soon... i'll b able to drive my cutie lil kancil car, go around yam cha-ing with my old gangie,
watch astro at home, watch movies n dramas collected since beginning of this sem, go online,
plan n implement the long-awaited gangie trip, go to d beach!(stuck in kl for quite some time i'm starting to miss d beach), eat all d homecook food, hometown delicacies...yum yum!!
i guess u x feel what i feel.. d eager feeling of doin al d stuff above...
but since i already wrote that n u already read it, no point saying skip it now!

blogging just for d sake of updating my pensieve. =P

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