Monday, January 30, 2012

I love station games!!!

Objective: Adding and subtracting whole numbers.

Activity: Station games.
Stations depicting real life choices one has to make in future.

Kids start off with a RM 10,000 loan needed to be signed by the teacher aka me. ^^

Station 1: Pick what kind of room you want to rent

the fanciest one I can think of and draw

Station 2: What kind of course in uni do you want to enroll in?

fanciest course offered.

Station 3: CAR SALE

Station 4: Personal expenditure, you want an "ATAS" lifestyle

Last station: Show me how much you used and saved up
I did it under a very controlled environment, by not giving them a choice to choose which lifestyle.
We started with the cheapest lifestyle then the fanciest.
Then 2 and 3.
Worked well, especially for students who can subtract quickly. There was music while they did their calculations as well!!
Hmmm... If I prepared more, they could have chosen their own "life expenditures" too.
However, as in reality for now, I will have to choose for them.
No worries, I'll build them up well to be able to make their own choices soon. ^^

p/s: Music in class is just so must-have that this used-to-be-really-rowdy class can actually stay silent for 10 minutes straight!
I also did a "show me your answers by just a show of fingers to indicate the number you got from your calc"(so they don't have to speak and I can continuously countdown the time to the arrival of Music)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I read it...

And it stings a lil.
Somehow, it is like another calling, and I can't seem to let go.
Please show me a way out, anyone?

Monday, January 23, 2012

May the Dragon ROAR this year!

May peace, health, prosperity and happiness always be with you and your family.
Spend some time with your loved ones and indulge yourself in some great snacks this new year!
Avoid gluttony though and avoid wasting food too...
Happy Chinese New Year and Have an AWESOME Dragon Year, yallz!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Music saves the day!

Never underestimate the power of blasting instrumental music in class.
I thought the kids would not buy it. Instrumental music sounds lame and old-style... Or so I thought they would think.
But guess what?! Miracle happened!
I requested 5 minutes of silence before I can allow music into the class.
We did subtracting using our own fingers. They had to stay silent but showed me they got the correct number when I checked how many fingers are closed or opened.
It was kinda cute, cos I stayed kinda silent too, only nodding and putting a thumbs-up sign if they were correct.
Amazing effect!!! They were learning too! I might missed out a few but most of them got it while I walked around the class checking their fingers.
Then, I requested them to copy the questions on the board and try to finish it silently while the music is being played. Music ON!
1. Howl's moving castle theme song
2. Aerith's Theme - Final Fantasy 7
3. Kaze no toori michi (Totoro theme song) - Joe Hisashi
4. Romance de amor - Richard Clayderman
5. By My Side - David Choi
6. Valentine - Kina Grannis

Students in class continued staying silent and putting effort in answering the questions given. I went around checking and marking their answers as they answered. They raised hands to ask for help and they whispered their inquiries to me when I stood next to them. AWESOME!!!
FYI, they were the most overly-active kids in the whole form! FTW!! FTK!!!

However, I released them too early, confused by the school schedule. One of my kids went and disturbed the next class and caused a HUGE scene!!! My bad~ so sorry~ ='(
Note to self: Must prep extra questions for seriously fast-learners!! and get blasting speakers...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple pleasures in life VIII

41. The beaming faces of kids who learnt something new.
42. gradually seeing change in attitude of my kids.
43. Playing a ball game that I thought I'd be terrible in and still manage to score goals! FTW!
44. When my lesson plans actually went according to plan.
45. The first taste of food after starving for loooong hours.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will house visits work? I'll see soon...

My fellow friend, Dipesh has started house visits, and it seems to help.
Students want to know that you care. And they need you to show it.
It takes effort, not easy, but not impossible.
I befriended my 2 girls from class already, by making 1 house visit.
Got to know her a little better and the girl and her classmate, who is also my student, brought me to the night market, became my "tour guide" and even helped me picked fresh veges cos the girl I visited has parents that work in the market nearby.
Another girl I visited showed me a loving side compared to what she has been acting like in school and what all the other teachers have said about her.
There are stories behind all those faces, and I want to be in their stories too, be it harsh or happy.
I hope they understand that I mean business and their future is my business, even for awhile...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SMK Juasseh

Life has been hectic and swell at the same time.
I'm blogging in the midst of planning lessons for tomorrow. 
My kids deserve a lot more than I am giving, and I will better myself day by day.
Tomorrow will be my first real lesson in Maths.
Diagnostics will be marked as soon as I am free, but lessons come first.

I'm not sure if I am just cheating myself so that I don't stress out, but my 2UPM kids are doing better by the day.
The number of listeners I get in my class now is more compared to my first week.
One use-to-be-rowdy kid actually nudged his friend to not be disrespectful (kurang ajar) cos the teacher is in front. AAAWWW... *melts* he got teased a little by his friends when I thanked and complimented him for that. 
When I see progress in culture, I will see progress in learning. Right? 
I trust that they do want to do well, and my pep talk seem to work. Hope it works for all my other classes as well.

I leave you with serene scenes from my balcony.

Spectacular sunset from my balcony

My school for these 2 years, or maybe more?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What if I know...

I am a teacher now. My focus should be on my school students.
But what if I know of a child who has not have the privilege to education since kindergarten?

Life has been hectic. Moving house, buying stuff to fill the house, preparing for school, new admin work, balancing work and personal well-being.
My students deserve the best, and I have not been giving them much.
Need to buck up asap!
But now that I know of him, plans need a slight change. Maybe not change, but an additional plan need to be added in between.

More to be done.
Hang on tight, Juin. It's gonna be a long and bumpy ride!