Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will house visits work? I'll see soon...

My fellow friend, Dipesh has started house visits, and it seems to help.
Students want to know that you care. And they need you to show it.
It takes effort, not easy, but not impossible.
I befriended my 2 girls from class already, by making 1 house visit.
Got to know her a little better and the girl and her classmate, who is also my student, brought me to the night market, became my "tour guide" and even helped me picked fresh veges cos the girl I visited has parents that work in the market nearby.
Another girl I visited showed me a loving side compared to what she has been acting like in school and what all the other teachers have said about her.
There are stories behind all those faces, and I want to be in their stories too, be it harsh or happy.
I hope they understand that I mean business and their future is my business, even for awhile...

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