Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SMK Juasseh

Life has been hectic and swell at the same time.
I'm blogging in the midst of planning lessons for tomorrow. 
My kids deserve a lot more than I am giving, and I will better myself day by day.
Tomorrow will be my first real lesson in Maths.
Diagnostics will be marked as soon as I am free, but lessons come first.

I'm not sure if I am just cheating myself so that I don't stress out, but my 2UPM kids are doing better by the day.
The number of listeners I get in my class now is more compared to my first week.
One use-to-be-rowdy kid actually nudged his friend to not be disrespectful (kurang ajar) cos the teacher is in front. AAAWWW... *melts* he got teased a little by his friends when I thanked and complimented him for that. 
When I see progress in culture, I will see progress in learning. Right? 
I trust that they do want to do well, and my pep talk seem to work. Hope it works for all my other classes as well.

I leave you with serene scenes from my balcony.

Spectacular sunset from my balcony

My school for these 2 years, or maybe more?

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