Sunday, March 28, 2010

fish and d sea

nope, this ain't a boring philosophical nonsense.
i did see the sea, and i had fish! ikan bakar and sotong bakar and sotong goreng to be exact.
just came back from an organization management course.
i had fun, i learnt to see what they want from us and how we can fulfil them.
i had fun, knowing friends and leaders from other society, perhaps not many, but those few are friends.
i had fun, seeing the sea again after longing for her so long.
touching the sand on the beach, seeing people with smiles and laughters while in her...
It was a beautiful nearly-sunset view. however, i didn't take any pic of it.
The one regret i have is not having a proper camera phone.
Another beautiful thing there, the nightsky.
My sign was nearly full last night, and the stars were complimenting her so well...
If i was alone, i would have stood there admiring the view longer.
what stopped me? i needed sleep, badly.

now? back to work, noone is replying me.. n i'm in trouble...
stormy days ahead, buckle up Juin!

*somehow, i feel my posts have lost a certain Juin's feel... hmmm

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

adapted, evolved or plain screwed up?

i have been deprived of sleep especially since last week.
usually, my body tend to react in a normal body-would-be-sick-if-left-unattended type of way. Flu, dizziness, fatigue, nausea... then i'll "black out" for hours and hours straight until my body is satisfied i have repaid what i owe her.
Recently, i realized, especially since this semester, i have used less hankerchief!
i am able to still work on activities with less than the necessary needed sleeping hours.
To add to that, i can also still keep myself going without a meal for a whole day.
My max resistance to sleep is one day, but now, it has extended to days... hunger to me is ~priority level low-er kinda thing, sleep - priority-high! XD

Question: have i adapted to my new hectic schedule? have i evolved in some way? or is my body/biological clock/life plain screwed up?

p/s: i'm blogging at nearly 3am in the morn. @_@|||

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wee hours of the morn.

To swim through a sea of flames and climb a mountain of shattered glass,
To run after flying hours yet feel no time had passed...
When i do realize my days are gone, for time waits for no man
Again the circle shall begin, circles never end.

Has the roses lost their fragrance or is it I, lost sense to smell
Admiring the shades of darkness, breathing in the moonlight’s air
Silhouette of clouds, implies my sign shines still so well.
Befriend my shadow, dreamless slumber, while moon, at me, shall stare…