Wednesday, March 24, 2010

adapted, evolved or plain screwed up?

i have been deprived of sleep especially since last week.
usually, my body tend to react in a normal body-would-be-sick-if-left-unattended type of way. Flu, dizziness, fatigue, nausea... then i'll "black out" for hours and hours straight until my body is satisfied i have repaid what i owe her.
Recently, i realized, especially since this semester, i have used less hankerchief!
i am able to still work on activities with less than the necessary needed sleeping hours.
To add to that, i can also still keep myself going without a meal for a whole day.
My max resistance to sleep is one day, but now, it has extended to days... hunger to me is ~priority level low-er kinda thing, sleep - priority-high! XD

Question: have i adapted to my new hectic schedule? have i evolved in some way? or is my body/biological clock/life plain screwed up?

p/s: i'm blogging at nearly 3am in the morn. @_@|||

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