Sunday, March 28, 2010

fish and d sea

nope, this ain't a boring philosophical nonsense.
i did see the sea, and i had fish! ikan bakar and sotong bakar and sotong goreng to be exact.
just came back from an organization management course.
i had fun, i learnt to see what they want from us and how we can fulfil them.
i had fun, knowing friends and leaders from other society, perhaps not many, but those few are friends.
i had fun, seeing the sea again after longing for her so long.
touching the sand on the beach, seeing people with smiles and laughters while in her...
It was a beautiful nearly-sunset view. however, i didn't take any pic of it.
The one regret i have is not having a proper camera phone.
Another beautiful thing there, the nightsky.
My sign was nearly full last night, and the stars were complimenting her so well...
If i was alone, i would have stood there admiring the view longer.
what stopped me? i needed sleep, badly.

now? back to work, noone is replying me.. n i'm in trouble...
stormy days ahead, buckle up Juin!

*somehow, i feel my posts have lost a certain Juin's feel... hmmm

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