Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hill Top

literally translated from bukit gasing.

story began the morning i woke up. things were depressing. report x printed, not even combined properly(it's a group work). My part was a mess, i missed out the part my friend asked me to do. gosh! i was alone in d room, desperate cos noone was there to acc me in times of 'trouble'.
i felt breakdown-able. another tutorial needed to be handed in in the same class.
things never come by properly, it's either all at once, or none at all.
but then again, during the none-at-all part, i could have done smt for the all-at-once. my bad!
anyway... i felt the need to get close to mother nature. suddenly missing the sound n sight of waterfalls or the calmness of a lake. in d middle of KL...
n guess wat?! a friend told me bout this 'waterfall' nearby. near as in 10min drive.
spontaneously, we went.
trekked d forest. went to a watch tower, saw a setting sun. trekked out...n while trailing out, nearly got lost! =.="
it was near dark. sun was sinking fast... trails keep goin but seems to lead to nowhere, n it felt like forever-walking. fortunately, we had light, torchlight (thanks to my trekking partner). phew!
no time to think bout emo-ing then.
by the time we came out, i have sweated it all out! kinda thank-god-we-came-out-alive situation then.
first thought: dinner! XD

near-lost experience didn't change much of me though. LOL..
Thanks, Ben. it was a fun walk experience!

*just realized, i didn't get to see any waterfalls, the point of my runaway-from-reality outing, lost...*

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