Monday, January 28, 2013

Of 3-hr meals and Fellow friends

It had been heck of a long time since I had meals that lasted for hours with amazing friends and even more amazing stories.
Also had been a while since my last visit to a beach! And also seems like decades since my last visit to a museum. Nothing like having great friends to do all these with you.

Also, did all that by travelling up and down across 3 states, 4 if you include KL as a state, in 5 days.
Thursday - Juasseh, Negeri Sembilan (NS) - Melaka - NS
Fri : NS - KL
Sat : KL - NS
Sat : NS - KL - Selangor
Sun: Selangor - NS

Teach For Malaysia, an organization I'd never regret joining.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slight surprise!

Week 2 of school term year 2012 is ending.
Next Monday is a holiday for Negeri Sembilan.
However, being caught up with chasing the goals, I nearly forgotten that it is a long weekend!

I can't quote this as one of the 10 "surprise myself" moments, but it is a slight surprise worth mentioning.
I managed to get nearly 100% of the class to participate in answering verbal questions, even those cool ones who thought themselves to be the "taiko" and actually being considered one of the "dangerous" students.
Also, managed to plan ahead, although no lesson plan sent to my LDO (sorry), all in the mind, and everywhere on my table, lessons for classes to come. Hence allowing me to have quite proper of a closing in class, knowing there will be a continuation to the lesson in the coming one.
And and and~ for tomorrow's class, I picked questions out of a few PMR trial papers to use as an assessment for the kids. At least let them see what they need to be expecting in their I-am-the-last-batch-to-sit-for-PMR paper in October.
Keep telling myself that I should totally keep this up!
The kids can sense hope and investment, and if it is helping, I should not give up.
For I have told them once, they are not allowed to give up on themselves if I haven't given up on them!
And I shall tell them again, and again~

taken in PPD KP
We shall keep pushing and make this year's PMR result an end-with-a-Bang as SMKJ's last batch of PMR students!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 JAN 2013

One year ago, this date, I had high hopes, high expectations, high pressure, even higher level of jitters.
One year ago, this date, I was thinking of how to introduce myself and my culture plans to the kids I have never met before but fated to teach.
One year ago, this date, I was thinking of bringing so many new things to school; attention grabbers learnt from Institute, colourful and interactive charts in class, creative ways of teaching in class, and what not.

One year later, today, I have higher hopes, higher expectations, higher pressure, but lower jitters.
One year later, today, I am more steady and determined to bring as much impact as I can to these kids I came to know.
One year later, today, I will use the "new" culture they got to know to bring out their best potentials and surprise myself along the way.

Consistency is key. Planning is the lock.