Thursday, February 28, 2013

Of Big Sis Small Sis and Life Philosophies

I am at the phase in life whereby I can afford to buy expensive gifts for my sisters already.
Chinese New Year clothes, shoes, and the most recent and currently most expensive gift bought, a digital camera.
Shern is leaving soon for Korea. May my little gift remind you of home and be a bridge to connect what you see there, to us back here.

And spending more than an hour talking on life values with my students.
EPIC. I am now able to talk about life experiences to my juniors.
I am old-er.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 quotable proudest moment to go, now 8.

1. Being able to push myself to school when my body screams for an MC, and on top of that, conduct a 3-period lesson with Form 1 excitement-overboard kids, which turned out quite well actually. Then staying on to do my duty at a checkpoint that gives out the "barang amanah" to kids during the school jogathon.

2. Having about 3 or 5 kids, pleading me not to leave after knowing that our contracts ends this year. Quoting they are becoming good kids because I taught them. *melts*