Friday, May 23, 2014

Frog Connected Classrooms

I may not be a teacher in a public school anymore, but a saying goes "sehari guru, selama-lamanya guru".
I am very happy to share that my new position still allows me to contribute in education.

Here, I would love to share what my teammate initiated.
It is called the Frog Connected Classrooms, whereby students learn virtually.
The most recent one that I joined in was the Mangrove Tour. 
Collaboration between Frog Asia, WWF, Eagle Tour and Edu2u.
You can read more from HERE.

view from one of the school's laptop
It was loads of fun. I was on the boat, sorta was the reporter-on-the-field-job, doing a live Google Hangout with 7 schools and 11 others watching our live broadcast.
The kids had fun asking questions to our WWF expert on mangrove and the flora and fauna in this area.

There will be more Virtual Classrooms like this. Can't wait!! ^,^