Friday, January 16, 2015

Starving for...

Starving for a job I'm passionate about, I have.
Starving for people I truly believe can be someone great, I have.
Starving to fulfill responsibility, I have.
It is starving when  starving is not worthwhile, that I am blogging about.

-Peace out-

Monday, August 25, 2014

Do what you love and love what you do.

Be careful what you wish for.
I was careless, yet careful at the same time.
I ended my teaching career in a public school by moving on into an e-learning company.
Here, as time passed, I got to try out many different ways of teaching and got to see many other ways to teach.
There is one I would especially like to brag about.
Frog Connected Classrooms.
We used Google Hangout on Air to do this and this has rarely been done in Malaysia, or perhaps never.
For this third quarter of the year, we tried a discover career series by having working adults hanging out with schools through video-conferencing-like app, to talk about their careers.
Check us out here: #FrogCC
I would like to think of this as being inspired by TFM Week, when they have VIP guests co-teach in classes with TFM Fellows.
This is a new exciting way of approaching and interacting with people in the working world, for Malaysian school students.
It was thrilling and fun to watch the exciting faces of the kids when they are called upon to ask questions to our guests. Oh my, how cute were their squeals!
This would be something great to do between schools in Malaysia or even with schools overseas.
I eagerly await when education goes world wide like this, while sitting in the comfort of your very own classroom.
Perhaps it already has, elsewhere in the world, but here, it is the beginning~ and I love it already!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Frog Connected Classrooms

I may not be a teacher in a public school anymore, but a saying goes "sehari guru, selama-lamanya guru".
I am very happy to share that my new position still allows me to contribute in education.

Here, I would love to share what my teammate initiated.
It is called the Frog Connected Classrooms, whereby students learn virtually.
The most recent one that I joined in was the Mangrove Tour. 
Collaboration between Frog Asia, WWF, Eagle Tour and Edu2u.
You can read more from HERE.

view from one of the school's laptop
It was loads of fun. I was on the boat, sorta was the reporter-on-the-field-job, doing a live Google Hangout with 7 schools and 11 others watching our live broadcast.
The kids had fun asking questions to our WWF expert on mangrove and the flora and fauna in this area.

There will be more Virtual Classrooms like this. Can't wait!! ^,^

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My final week in school.

Opening a world of opportunities for them...

 It was my final week in SMKJ. Countdown-ing to the last day of school... This was a small project done with my PMR kids who had nothing much to do but loiter around. Might as well contribute a little knowledge and beauty to the school compound!

The Glitter Jar

A room of fun learning
The Glitter Jar is one of the little things I did in the Room of Creativity.  It was to be a room of fun learning, support and sharing. I hung photos of students, teachers and even fantastical scenery in school.  There is also a reading corner of books and magazines. Cultural corners and art corners are in here too!  Learning is not just in the classroom, you can learn by playing too! Like how poker cards help in Math. (FYI: Poker cards are deemed illegal in schools, to avoid gambling)

I'm not sure how much I have done for the kids and the school.  However, for me, it was an unforgettable 2 year journey and at the end of the road where the fork is, I chose to walk down another path parallel to it but never intersecting again.
Thank you for the memories... 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Far fetched, yet so normal...

A guy who seems so innocent.
Hopes only to make the world a better place.
Through his music and art.
Yet surrounded by people mostly different from him.
We seem similar, yet in so different circumstances.

 Am I a fan, or an admirer?
I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last to think so.

Well... He is only human.
But, would it be cuckoo of me to actually think he might be the one?

*smitten, yet seriously contemplating*

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nothing like accidental entertainment and coincidental encounters

from a nursey kid's imagination into an artist's rendition of it.

a working postman

into beautiful letter-posting angels
Doodle for Unity.
By Selangor FM
Venue: University of Malaya, KL
Date: 2 - 28 September 2013

International Jazz Festival at UM, KL, 14 Sept 2013

Saturday, 14 Sept 13'

A long weekend here. With approximately 8 hours to spend.
A shortcut route to go for a movie by myself.
An advertisement at an entrance.
A gallery walk.
A familiar name in a guestbook.
A spontaneous lunch with a friend who insisted he drives this time
An outdoor stage.
A coincidental encounter with a tutor-friend and a course junior, and add-on compliments!
2 free access tickets into a jazz show.

Sunday, 15 Sept 13'
A nearly-empty parking lot
Breakfast with an ex-roommate, with a beautiful photo taken together
A new mall to explore with a coursemate
A roadside stall selling lala porridge.
An indecisive message to send.

Monday, 16 Sept 13'
A finger-licking breakfast with a graduating aunt.
A debate on religion philosophy
A lunch meet-up with a friend, relived the debate with this more pious friend.
An overloaded brain.
Another unexpected encounter with a couple.
A drive home with a 40 min jam.
Hobbits: An unexpected journey
A weekend experience exchanged.

Monday, July 22, 2013

How much do you know about...

brainzzz... not only food for zombies, come find out more!

Did-You-Know section in the room

Share all you know about anything or everything!!!
This is the Room of Creativity project in the high school that I'm currently teaching.
Whatcha think?