Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nothing like accidental entertainment and coincidental encounters

from a nursey kid's imagination into an artist's rendition of it.

a working postman

into beautiful letter-posting angels
Doodle for Unity.
By Selangor FM
Venue: University of Malaya, KL
Date: 2 - 28 September 2013

International Jazz Festival at UM, KL, 14 Sept 2013

Saturday, 14 Sept 13'

A long weekend here. With approximately 8 hours to spend.
A shortcut route to go for a movie by myself.
An advertisement at an entrance.
A gallery walk.
A familiar name in a guestbook.
A spontaneous lunch with a friend who insisted he drives this time
An outdoor stage.
A coincidental encounter with a tutor-friend and a course junior, and add-on compliments!
2 free access tickets into a jazz show.

Sunday, 15 Sept 13'
A nearly-empty parking lot
Breakfast with an ex-roommate, with a beautiful photo taken together
A new mall to explore with a coursemate
A roadside stall selling lala porridge.
An indecisive message to send.

Monday, 16 Sept 13'
A finger-licking breakfast with a graduating aunt.
A debate on religion philosophy
A lunch meet-up with a friend, relived the debate with this more pious friend.
An overloaded brain.
Another unexpected encounter with a couple.
A drive home with a 40 min jam.
Hobbits: An unexpected journey
A weekend experience exchanged.

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