Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of the Blue, I challenge YOU! (hey it rhymes!)

Seriously did this out of the blue.
Passed by certain spots that caught my eye in ChinaTown, K.Trg, and decided to wake up at 5.30am in the morn the next day to take some pic while hardly anyone is up. (Thinking the lighting would be nice... and save us the embarrassment as well).  My poor sis, Shern had to endure my madness with me.
I am on my road to rediscover my own hometown (if you count more than 12 years staying in a town, a hometown)
Well, if you are in K.Trg, I challenge u to find this places.
like it says! 
smile for me!

Look for the Turtle Alley

Find the door with the word "安仁"

very old door and wall...

another traditional door

Look for this!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pets, Predators & Prey

my pet feline: Scrawny (Photo credits to my sis, Shern)

Pet Canine: Monday! aka Mandy (Photo credits to my sis, Shern)

A poor injured bird, me feline guilty as charged! Poor bird died the next day.
Having a great time at home playing with my Canon camera.
May the poor bird rest in peace.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think I'm ugly too! and nobody wants to love me...

2NE1 - Ugly
Oozing girl power but yet a touch of feminine feel.
I love the glow in the dark effect too!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To embark on a treacherous journey

Laws of attraction do work! It took a while, but I got what I knew would come to me. An offer.
I may not know what the future holds, but I do know what I decide now will determine the path of my future.
Teaching was never an option for me. But somehow, fate has it that I applied for a teaching program.
I have no idea why, it maybe a sub-conscious calling.
I have been forewarned: "It shall be the toughest 2 years of your life!"
After the congratulatory phone call (which came 3 days later than I expected), to say that I did not hesitate and reconsider will be a big lie.
However, I had put on hold what my mom considered a dream unfulfilled for her which is to be carried on by me- a Masters degree, when I first applied this. Something whispers that I will get this, there will be no need to try anything else. Even if I don't get it, every other application can be done later.
It boggles my mind why I applied this, even up til now.
After some logically nonsensical analysis, my parents may again be a BIG part of the reason. Knowing that if I can't pull through the 2 years, they will push me on (not that I wish so).
Anyway, I would have joined Unicef or UNHCR or some world life-changing volunteering program if this program didn't pop right in my face (or ear, cos I got a phone call).
Anyway, a treacherous journey it shall be, and I shall still follow the wind and set sail out to the unmerciful sea and have a whale of an adventure.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple pleasures in life VI

26. Having laws of attraction work on me!
27. Seeing how humanly loving my pets can be sometimes.
28. When my family finishes my cooking.
29. Succeed in baking on the first try.
30. Pillow talks with my sisters

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My new blog

All my indulgence linked here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Money isn't everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.
LMAO~ although i'd like to beg to differ... but seriously~

Homemade yum yum

The whole 8 weeks during my internship, the best meal I can churn out was these 2, and i just realized, it mostly comprises green!
Random note: but my fav colour is blue.
Random note 2: I can't find blue vege~ 

So there!

Tuna croissant sandwich

green is good! crunch cruch

Sardin sandwich

green n red is even better!! yum yum!
Verdict for myself: 4.8/5

Celebration of the origin of my name!!

My name, Juin, came from my mom, who got the idea from the month I was born in - June.
This year, 2011 - I had loads of surprises even though I was mostly working as an intern on my so-called special day.
However, birthdays can be celebrated as belated birthdays and is still as special.
So these are the friends whom have celebrated with me! oohh, and how can I miss... the lovely presents I got from them!!

colleagues who wished me on a working day birthday
wishes from them~ ^^

newfound friends

the 3rd-ters (sounds like turtles..LOL)

a lovely gift from a lovely friend. Thx Tong!!

an MP3 FM modulator from Shob n Wan Ying!! Thx ^^


thx to them! me council buddies!! ilyas, ash and zati! 

Well, this is an overdue post... but just wanna take this no-one-might-read-but-I-still-wanna-do-this chance to thank them for the warmth and friendship!
Life in KL and in UM might be a tragic story without meeting u guys!
Friendship is fate by chance! And I savour every moment of it!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Reporting on one of the most common sight in Malaysia:
Where the sign says NO, and right under the sign will be whatever the sign says NO to.

Sorry but here I have for now only one picture of the example. (will try get more asap, this is an interesting subject anyway!)
Here it is:
The red sign says:
PERINGATAN: Dilarang membuang sampah dan menjaja di kawasan ini.(Tanah Persendirian)
(translated to English):
REMINDER: Littering and hawkers are prohibited in this area (Private Property)

And look what is around it?!
Not an unusual sight in Malaysia, where red light at the traffic can still mean green, or no parking sign means it is a challenge or dare for you to park there and only the brave does it, or when the sign says DO NOT LITTER, and right under the sign is a dumping ground.

I have a few assumptions for this ironic situation:
1. The sign will give ideas to do whatever the signs says not to do because without the sign, people won't think of doing it in the first place.
2. People here take it as a challenge to see how strictly our law is enforced. 
3. Signs are put up in the most convenient place for prohibited actions to be done (say like parking areas) but yet the municipal council just love to torture the rakyat and get them to pay up summonses when caught doing the prohibited actions, it was one of the ways government earn, you see. 
4. People have no choice but to do the prohibited thing because it is the most convenient place to do so but the sign is just eff-ing annoying!
5. All of the above. It is just a Malaysian thing.

p/s: this post is not meant to offend anyone, because I am guilty in the same Malaysian way too~ LOL