Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of the Blue, I challenge YOU! (hey it rhymes!)

Seriously did this out of the blue.
Passed by certain spots that caught my eye in ChinaTown, K.Trg, and decided to wake up at 5.30am in the morn the next day to take some pic while hardly anyone is up. (Thinking the lighting would be nice... and save us the embarrassment as well).  My poor sis, Shern had to endure my madness with me.
I am on my road to rediscover my own hometown (if you count more than 12 years staying in a town, a hometown)
Well, if you are in K.Trg, I challenge u to find this places.
like it says! 
smile for me!

Look for the Turtle Alley

Find the door with the word "安仁"

very old door and wall...

another traditional door

Look for this!

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