Sunday, July 3, 2011


Reporting on one of the most common sight in Malaysia:
Where the sign says NO, and right under the sign will be whatever the sign says NO to.

Sorry but here I have for now only one picture of the example. (will try get more asap, this is an interesting subject anyway!)
Here it is:
The red sign says:
PERINGATAN: Dilarang membuang sampah dan menjaja di kawasan ini.(Tanah Persendirian)
(translated to English):
REMINDER: Littering and hawkers are prohibited in this area (Private Property)

And look what is around it?!
Not an unusual sight in Malaysia, where red light at the traffic can still mean green, or no parking sign means it is a challenge or dare for you to park there and only the brave does it, or when the sign says DO NOT LITTER, and right under the sign is a dumping ground.

I have a few assumptions for this ironic situation:
1. The sign will give ideas to do whatever the signs says not to do because without the sign, people won't think of doing it in the first place.
2. People here take it as a challenge to see how strictly our law is enforced. 
3. Signs are put up in the most convenient place for prohibited actions to be done (say like parking areas) but yet the municipal council just love to torture the rakyat and get them to pay up summonses when caught doing the prohibited actions, it was one of the ways government earn, you see. 
4. People have no choice but to do the prohibited thing because it is the most convenient place to do so but the sign is just eff-ing annoying!
5. All of the above. It is just a Malaysian thing.

p/s: this post is not meant to offend anyone, because I am guilty in the same Malaysian way too~ LOL

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