Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebration of the origin of my name!!

My name, Juin, came from my mom, who got the idea from the month I was born in - June.
This year, 2011 - I had loads of surprises even though I was mostly working as an intern on my so-called special day.
However, birthdays can be celebrated as belated birthdays and is still as special.
So these are the friends whom have celebrated with me! oohh, and how can I miss... the lovely presents I got from them!!

colleagues who wished me on a working day birthday
wishes from them~ ^^

newfound friends

the 3rd-ters (sounds like turtles..LOL)

a lovely gift from a lovely friend. Thx Tong!!

an MP3 FM modulator from Shob n Wan Ying!! Thx ^^


thx to them! me council buddies!! ilyas, ash and zati! 

Well, this is an overdue post... but just wanna take this no-one-might-read-but-I-still-wanna-do-this chance to thank them for the warmth and friendship!
Life in KL and in UM might be a tragic story without meeting u guys!
Friendship is fate by chance! And I savour every moment of it!!!

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