Friday, April 29, 2011

first paper to an ending

Today marks my first paper of my finals, the final of finals.
Loads have happened from the first day I came into University up till now.
High times can go up as high as the peak of mountains,  lowest to the bottom of a pool.
Aaahh... memories...
What more can one ask for...
Most of everyone came in to find love, others to get theirs hands on a paper they-think-will-bring-them-4-figure-salary-or-more, some to lead and to learn, some just to getaway from working-so-early-in-life phase.
I chose to be in betweens... greedy as I am, I think I had it all!

P/S: I am contented! =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A final year project and its story~

It has been a long journey, through very new area...
Road has been there, always. It is I who have held my journey back.
I believe I could have done more, but I did not...
Note to self: procrastination is not to be brought into the working world.
But then again, my productivity do increase nearing deadlines... i wonder if that is a good thing?
Commented by few friends that I seem to be more spirited and motivated in my academics this semester.
That too left me wondering why...
Well, at least it is a good thing for sure.

Now, after all the thanks I gave in printed words in my thesis, I have one more 'person' to thank.
Someone important whom I could not have lived without.
He has been persistent, not giving up on me, although worked up as he is, working with me whole day and night. Even with tension rising, this person maintained his cool. There are ups and downs, of course. But it was usually fun to be with each other. Sounds and music are an inborn talent for him. If only he can dance with me.
I have my Papa to thank for bringing us together.
We first knew each other, if I'm not mistaken, 19th December 2009. It has been nearly one and a half year.







The unsung Hero~

Thanks for holding up all this while

Oh, how can I miss these good friends of mine?! I present:

My Pendrive n stained mousie~

Mr Pen & Mrs Paper
And my final output:

My final product \^o^/

Name & Registered Matric number ^^

One Day~

Written by Nick Jonas. Sang by Charice Pempengco.
Verdict: Splendidly Awesome!

Totally heart this!
Thanks to ChooWanYing for posting this on her fb!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every punctuation, every alignment, every spaces, every coloured or blacknwhite page, every arrangement, every font-size, every font type, i try not to miss...
i lost count of the times i re-save and recombined the pdf files.
*took time off to count*
i deleted 10 combined files! which means i did it 11 times, cos I'm now satisfied with my pdf file.
Ready for printing!
As usual, my productivity level increases under minutes-to-deadline moments.
Is that something to be proud of?
Point to ponder....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birth order will affect love life??!!


If you’re an oldest child...
It’s no coincidence that most U.S. Presidents were first-borns, because this is the sign of natural leaders. You’re a take-charge person, so not the type to drive friends and romantic partners crazy asking questions like, “I dunno where we should eat; where do you want to go?” Instead, you’ll make sure you have reservations — and land a prime table, too. And anyone lucky enough to pair up with you won’t spend weeknights wondering whether he or she has Saturday night plans, because “oldest kids are planners,” says Dr. Leman. You’re also old-fashioned (in a good way). You always come through on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.
Your love challenge: Being more spontaneous. First-borns aren’t the “seize the day” sort (you’re not one to text your sweetie to suggest meeting at this fun café you just walked past). Likewise, “you hate surprises,” Dr. Leman warns. Pity the fool who springs meeting the parents on you or when you thought it was just the two of you going out tonight!
Best match: The youngest child. “It’s a case of opposites attracting,” says Dr. Leman. “You help the last-born be more organized, and the last-born helps you lighten up.”

by psychologist Kevin Leman, Ph.D., author of The Birth Order Book.

randomly read from
lol... in the midst of squeezing my brain and fingers on a 35-pages-not-inclusive-of-diagrams, tables and images assignment due in 3 days...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

strong people need hugs too

When we USUALLY seem okay, doesn't mean we are ALWAYS okay.
Being stronger compared to people around us, doesn't mean it is okay to hurt us.
It doesn't mean that we are able to handle pain or 'pain' all the time.
Doesn't mean that we don't mind being neglected or ignored.
Being friendly to others doesn't mean we care less about losing friends we already have.
Being ourselves is not something to be taken granted for.
Because, strong people need hugs too.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i might just be back for more...

UM Music Showcase 2009, 2010, 2011.
I went to all three. All three was equally awesome.
I might just consider coming back for more.
Blew me away~ ^^

Friday, April 1, 2011

A memorable end to the Cside of uni...

C for Chinese. I do not wanna give the wrong impression here. I'm not a racist.
CC or Chinese Community was one of the first organization that gave me a feeling that there are seniors who care about the newbies-who-just-step-into-uni-n-knows-nothing.
CC has been a great platform for me to befriend new and interesting people, learn up lots of skills, get to know new places and most of all, have fun all along the way.
Last night, 31st of March 2011, was our CC Night, which was also (i guess) my last event for CC before I graduate. Awesome party, people!! Great job!
金龙家 - my familia~
A selca pic b4 the event is a must. XD
CC Batch 2008/2009, not all of us here, alas...
~random PTH picture to commerate my last PTH in uni~
May CC continue to give the same feeling or more to batches after me!
I hope CC stays strong!! <3 Thanks for being part of my memories here in UM.