Monday, January 31, 2011

happy cny to me...

history repeated itself...
People, i have skeletons in my family closet too!
The pressure of keeping things fake and happy-family-like is preposterous!
This time i took the wrong move, realized it soon enough, but thankfully, wrong move for me, but (i assume) right move for humanity.
i just had to jot this down here, cos fb is a NO-NO!! LOL
having the funny-bone in me helps a lot! XD

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nantikan kemunculan party baru!

Had fun with d mpm gangies just now. Petir, Ash, Husna, Ilyas, Nuar, Zati n Lind, Husna's friends.
Was at McD; content of conversation, everything! From what we discussed at the final meeting, to badmouthing n gossips, to politics... Mostly remembered the politics part la.
The formation of a new party...perhaps...
Gosh~ The jokes, imitations, loud laughter, more jokes with a hint of truth, silly yet doable ideas... WOW!!! sounds interesting already!
If you want to, we'll all be behind u, Ash!
Your wish is our command... XD

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

of revolving stage, disco ball and VVIPs

10th anniversary of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
It's just to funky not to be uploaded...

YB Senator Dato' Sharizat giving speech

Our very own Prime Minister giving speech feets away from me

atmosphere was great! ^^
Malarvili Meganathan, going high with me... Brushing shoulders with YB Sharizat & shaking hands with PM... *wink*
Tourism Minister, YB Ng Yen Yen was there too!
This post is apolitical and is not to be used against me! XP
Giving speech on a centre stage, very obama-campaign-like.
Disco ball, very club-like.
VVIPs, very freaking cool~
Thanks Datuk Dr Rafiah Salim, for personally inviting UMers.
Thanks Malar-the Singa for enjoying the event with me. It might be just the both of us, but it was still freakin great!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year Resolution

1. No FB games
2. Buck up my academics
3. Find my passion to pursue my Masters
4. Learn to say NO, please myself more rather than got caught up with things that I'll complain bout later.
5. Open up myself rather than build walls... work on small talks.
6. Stop thinking that everyone is looking and talking bout me, stop thinking i'm so important...
7.  No FB games!

LOL...Resolution... better late than never.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

greys and blues...

I want to.. but I cant seem to... doshite?
what's the point in the beginning?
what's the point thinking at the end?
if i can reverse time, i'd like to reverse it to my first year in my university, no! make that first semester of my 2nd year!
before this path i chose to walk down was opened...

Am I becoming so because I feel I am a whole lot of power? Or am I so due to my sense of responsibility and bad management of it? Or because I just mind what people think of me?
Mom would say: " You always think people are watching you, talking bout you. Think you are so important! Actually noone bothers... They don't have time to think of what you did or did not do la!"
Ahh.. but mie, some ppl do! =S
I need counselling and a whole lot of truth slapped to my face!
noone told me what I'm not doing enough. suppose to realize it on my own? Or am i just thinking too highly of myself again? =(

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mind boogling, yet true...

Juin is pondering and wondering :
Has she been well trained, or well educated?

One term, busy, yet doing nothing... does that make sense to you?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Simple pleasures in life

Being contented in life's simple pleasure brings pure feelings of joy and satisfaction.
1. Thought of skipping class for event/errand, and the class was cancelled.
2. Smile to a stranger and actually get a smile in return.
3. The smell of things that reminds me of home.
4. The song playing on the car radio ends the same time i turn off my engine.
5. Saying out something at the same moment as a close friend during a conversation.
More to come...

Friday, January 7, 2011

It is hard to please myself

if pleasing others is what pleases me... cos' most of the time, i'll be in a whirlwind of dilemma.
How do you keep others happy and yourself happy too?
It is bad karma to hurt others, it is bad karma to hurt yourself too. Which weights more, I haven't studied the philosophy that deeply yet. But how do you achieve that state of peace and serenity and contentment?
So hard to please everyone at the same time!!! Frustrated.
It is not really a good head-start for this semester, quote sis: "crappy semester"
credits to

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

not enough

still feel like I haven't done enough... I have been naive and ignorant, procrastinating yet planning...
still feel like I haven't done enough...
Advice given:
there is no way to measure what you did, your time, your energy, your sacrifice;
so love what you do and know what you have done best.
You are not invincible. You can't change things does not mean you have done nothing.