Wednesday, January 12, 2011

greys and blues...

I want to.. but I cant seem to... doshite?
what's the point in the beginning?
what's the point thinking at the end?
if i can reverse time, i'd like to reverse it to my first year in my university, no! make that first semester of my 2nd year!
before this path i chose to walk down was opened...

Am I becoming so because I feel I am a whole lot of power? Or am I so due to my sense of responsibility and bad management of it? Or because I just mind what people think of me?
Mom would say: " You always think people are watching you, talking bout you. Think you are so important! Actually noone bothers... They don't have time to think of what you did or did not do la!"
Ahh.. but mie, some ppl do! =S
I need counselling and a whole lot of truth slapped to my face!
noone told me what I'm not doing enough. suppose to realize it on my own? Or am i just thinking too highly of myself again? =(

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