Friday, January 7, 2011

It is hard to please myself

if pleasing others is what pleases me... cos' most of the time, i'll be in a whirlwind of dilemma.
How do you keep others happy and yourself happy too?
It is bad karma to hurt others, it is bad karma to hurt yourself too. Which weights more, I haven't studied the philosophy that deeply yet. But how do you achieve that state of peace and serenity and contentment?
So hard to please everyone at the same time!!! Frustrated.
It is not really a good head-start for this semester, quote sis: "crappy semester"
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~*Nurul Fitrah*~ said...

Fit that always thinks she is important thinks that she make you feel unhappy :( haih!

~JuiN~ said...

perasan! XP nope... certain things are making me doubt my value in life... pondering on lotsa stuff... thinking alot gonna make me age faster! ooohh tidaaakkk~