Tuesday, January 18, 2011

of revolving stage, disco ball and VVIPs

10th anniversary of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
It's just to funky not to be uploaded...

YB Senator Dato' Sharizat giving speech

Our very own Prime Minister giving speech feets away from me

atmosphere was great! ^^
Malarvili Meganathan, going high with me... Brushing shoulders with YB Sharizat & shaking hands with PM... *wink*
Tourism Minister, YB Ng Yen Yen was there too!
This post is apolitical and is not to be used against me! XP
Giving speech on a centre stage, very obama-campaign-like.
Disco ball, very club-like.
VVIPs, very freaking cool~
Thanks Datuk Dr Rafiah Salim, for personally inviting UMers.
Thanks Malar-the Singa for enjoying the event with me. It might be just the both of us, but it was still freakin great!


~*Nurul Fitrah*~ said...

This post is apolitical and is not to be used against me! XP

HAHA. what lah :P anyway did you give speech? :P

~JuiN~ said...

nope.. d debaters did all d talking.. i wasnt prepared n did not want to tarnish UM's reputation of producing useless grads like me... anyway, could hav spoken, but points will be berterabur n speech ll b short la.. i tel now la. y set 30% legislation in d 1s place. siapa boleh kerja, naik je la! kaaan... no sexist issue in d 1s place. now they make it seem sexist. =="

malarvilimeganathan said...

me love the last line, it was like AWESOME,im in love n still on drugs..i mean HIGGHHH..
P/S Thanx for always draggin me along..like for the past year, well u knw wat i mean :)