Tuesday, September 22, 2009

22 sept 09

2days has past since hari raya! so wishing all muslims happy raya aidilfitri!
selamat menyambut syawal!
it's been a while... thr is much to blog about, but i dunno whr to begin.
thr's d AWESOME pangkor trip! thx to louise and her great committee! thx to all who attended n made it so memorable for me as well!
Crazily fun karae-oke night!
first time started singing k at 11pm til 4am, then went str for breakfast!!
stories on my sis in japan, sis in kt,
my coursemate's birthday party...(happy belated birthday, shob!)
anyway, they were all awesomely fantastically wonderful!!
all these made me feel how worthied it is to be alive, to be where i am today.
i might have gone to another state to study, might have stayed bec in kt...
might have made another bunch of friends, might have kept quiet n be in my own room or world,
thr r many mights n mays, but i ended up in UM, ended up meeting this bunch of cuckoos(meant it in a nice way, of cos!)
lucky me!
ups n downs of cos thr will be, but y shud i bore myself v d dark n dingy when thr is always d bright n colourful to be cherished?! rite?

Juin, stop blabbing nonsense... getting emotional now.. sorry!
i hope to gather pictures n upload it here later. wait for it!

now, wishes:
To Lucia mi amiga, 2209!
Feliz compleanos!! te echo de menos!!! XOxo <3
To all frens and also my papa, all born in september, Happy Birthday!!!
To er jie:
cherish the moments!
to lil sis, shern:
ganbatte ne! after exam come down kl gai gai la! hehe...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

at last a lil time for my own...

d week after my sem break was super hectic, assignments n tests...
d week after, things improved.. now things are so much better.
of cos there are always work to do... yet i feel more at peace now.

yesterday, college had a blackout. pre-known blackout. started at 9am til 7.30pm.
so, i left.. left college to the library with my friends... attracted to the energy source: electricity
then, few of us went out for a feeding frenzy. had a said-to-be-famous porridge, then hokkien mee, then taufufa+soy bean drink, sau bao, nearly went for bakuteh if it wasn't for our limits... $$ limits...

nvr blogged bout dis yet.. but our room had a RAT!!
quite a huge one too! yesterday while i was out, my roommates managed to bait it out n caught it in a trap... yippee!!
but sad for d furry fren of ours, it didn't end well for him/her.
anyway, another bad news arise. there is another smaller rat in our room! DANG!!
but at least it is a lil peaceful now, no more sleepless o sleeping in fear nights worrying the rat might pop up on our bed o smt...

congrats er jie (micky-senpai now) for her success in climbing mt fuji!!! (although ntg to brag much about...hehe)
congrats to my cousin uncle for his soon to come wedding!
n happy belated birthday to my aunt as well!