Sunday, September 6, 2009

at last a lil time for my own...

d week after my sem break was super hectic, assignments n tests...
d week after, things improved.. now things are so much better.
of cos there are always work to do... yet i feel more at peace now.

yesterday, college had a blackout. pre-known blackout. started at 9am til 7.30pm.
so, i left.. left college to the library with my friends... attracted to the energy source: electricity
then, few of us went out for a feeding frenzy. had a said-to-be-famous porridge, then hokkien mee, then taufufa+soy bean drink, sau bao, nearly went for bakuteh if it wasn't for our limits... $$ limits...

nvr blogged bout dis yet.. but our room had a RAT!!
quite a huge one too! yesterday while i was out, my roommates managed to bait it out n caught it in a trap... yippee!!
but sad for d furry fren of ours, it didn't end well for him/her.
anyway, another bad news arise. there is another smaller rat in our room! DANG!!
but at least it is a lil peaceful now, no more sleepless o sleeping in fear nights worrying the rat might pop up on our bed o smt...

congrats er jie (micky-senpai now) for her success in climbing mt fuji!!! (although ntg to brag much about...hehe)
congrats to my cousin uncle for his soon to come wedding!
n happy belated birthday to my aunt as well!

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Twilighters said...

oh..wei wern conquered fuji san??!!that's long haven visit yr blog liao..hehe..miss so much funny stuffs!!^^