Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A final year project and its story~

It has been a long journey, through very new area...
Road has been there, always. It is I who have held my journey back.
I believe I could have done more, but I did not...
Note to self: procrastination is not to be brought into the working world.
But then again, my productivity do increase nearing deadlines... i wonder if that is a good thing?
Commented by few friends that I seem to be more spirited and motivated in my academics this semester.
That too left me wondering why...
Well, at least it is a good thing for sure.

Now, after all the thanks I gave in printed words in my thesis, I have one more 'person' to thank.
Someone important whom I could not have lived without.
He has been persistent, not giving up on me, although worked up as he is, working with me whole day and night. Even with tension rising, this person maintained his cool. There are ups and downs, of course. But it was usually fun to be with each other. Sounds and music are an inborn talent for him. If only he can dance with me.
I have my Papa to thank for bringing us together.
We first knew each other, if I'm not mistaken, 19th December 2009. It has been nearly one and a half year.







The unsung Hero~

Thanks for holding up all this while

Oh, how can I miss these good friends of mine?! I present:

My Pendrive n stained mousie~

Mr Pen & Mrs Paper
And my final output:

My final product \^o^/

Name & Registered Matric number ^^

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