Friday, April 1, 2011

A memorable end to the Cside of uni...

C for Chinese. I do not wanna give the wrong impression here. I'm not a racist.
CC or Chinese Community was one of the first organization that gave me a feeling that there are seniors who care about the newbies-who-just-step-into-uni-n-knows-nothing.
CC has been a great platform for me to befriend new and interesting people, learn up lots of skills, get to know new places and most of all, have fun all along the way.
Last night, 31st of March 2011, was our CC Night, which was also (i guess) my last event for CC before I graduate. Awesome party, people!! Great job!
金龙家 - my familia~
A selca pic b4 the event is a must. XD
CC Batch 2008/2009, not all of us here, alas...
~random PTH picture to commerate my last PTH in uni~
May CC continue to give the same feeling or more to batches after me!
I hope CC stays strong!! <3 Thanks for being part of my memories here in UM.

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